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Two thieves stash a jewel at the Central Park Zoo, and plan to find it, no matter who gets in their way.


When King Julien wishes on the Gimme Gimme Star, he gets more than he asked for: Cecil and Brick, the self-proclaimed "greatest criminal geniuses of our time." They just lifted a pricey diamond necklace that King Julien accidentally obtains and refuses to part with. King Julien shows the penguins the necklace. The penguins then find out and discover Cecil and Brick stole it and try to get King Julien to give the necklace to them.

Meanwhile, Cecil and Brick search the zoo, but are caught by Alice. They then find out that the necklace is in the lemur habitat. The penguins were fighting the lemurs for it. Alice then kicks them out of the zoo for disturbing Burt and asking her a stupid question. The penguins get the necklace, and Kowalski shows a measurement of the security footage on the lossful duo and find out that Cecil and Brick are coming back to the zoo at night after they discover Kowalski's poem was secretly recorded on that tape.

Cecil and Brick fight the penguins to the sewers, and find themselves at the jewelry store. The penguins give the necklace to them and break glass to sound the alarm. They then escape and lock Cecil and Brick inside. The police then arrest Cecil and Brick, and the penguins high five each other.