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Hans, a puffin from Skipper's past, returns and attempts to steal the penguins’ habitat.



  • Hans (first appearance)


A several traps fall on Skipper, who believes that it comes from the other penguins, but they said that it wasn't them. Hans, a sinister puffin from Denmark and an old enemy of Skipper appears and wants to be friends with Skipper, but Skipper furiously refuses to forgive Hans for what he did to him in Denmark.

When Hans begins to give gifts to Skipper, such as a sorry card, flowers, and pastries, Skipper still wouldn't be friends with him. Marlene finally convinces Skipper, and he forgives him.

Then, when Hans gives Skipper a present, the penguins and Marlene get captured. Hans takes them to the fake volcano in the Lemur habitat. Julien says "These things happen". The lemurs watch as Hans pushes the Penguins and Marlene into the volcano.

The penguins cut the rope and get out of the volcano, yet Marlene is left behind. The penguins chase after Hans, with Marlene still in the volcano.

Hans gets into their HQ and locks himself in. He tells Skipper that he's going to use their weapons to terrorize New York city when Skipper was looking at Hans in a window. The penguins first try to use a secret passage that leads into their base but forget about the booby-traps they set up and they make it out just in time.

Skipper uses another room in his HQ to heat up the room Hans is in so he would have to come out and the other penguins would capture him. But Hans goes into the room Skipper's in and they fight.

Hans was defeated by Skipper and he tells Him that the Danes caught up to his evil plans and ousted him from Denmark. With Hans without a home, Skipper sends him to the Hoboken Zoo. Meanwhile, Marlene is still stuck in the volcano.