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When Maurice learns that he isn’t a lemur like everyone else, he sets off on a journey to find his aye-aye parents and sister Brosalind.


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On the plane, Julien is screaming for Clover and Maurice, but tells them not to get too close as they might be infected. Julien tells them is reading a book of diseases given to him by Doctor S He thought it was a picture book, but didn't know how detailed the pictures were. When Julien panics that the kingdom may be unsanitary, Maurice says a hand washing program for the kingdom is great idea, as a bottle of hand sanitizer just washed up.

In his hut, Mort is bathing in all the hand sanitizer. Julien, disgusted by this, decides that everyone in the kingdom is getting a physical.

At Dr. S' cave, everyone is in line in to get their physical. Mort even packs his organs to speed the process along. Clover tells Julien that everyone is accounted for, but Julien forces Clover and Maurice inside for a checkup as well.

In the waiting room, Dr. S comes in to tell Julien that everyone is healthy. Maurice confirms that everything is fine, but Dr. S retorts that everything is not fine, leaving Clover confused. Dr. S explains that two results are disturbing. According to his tests, Mort is only being 40% lemur, and Maurice is not a lemur at all. He is an aye-aye. Clover questions this, since Maurice doesn't look or smell like one. Masikura then appears, claiming that Dr. S may be right. She then tells a story of when Princess Julienne and Prince Barty were sleeping, young prince Julien heard crying and found a baby in a bush, the baby being Maurice. Maurice, knowing he was abandoned, asks her if there was anything left with him. Masikura gives Maurice a bell and a blue blanket. Maurice is saddened by it, saying he needs to be alone. Julien tries to follow him, but Clover halts him, advising him to give Maurice some time.

Only ten minutes later, Julien arrives at Maurice's house to visit him. He finds a note which tells him that Maurice is going to the Aye-Aye Kingdom to get some answers about himself. Julien questions who this is from, but Maurice comes up behind him and says it's from him. Julien asks him if this is about the whole "destiny thing" about him being an aye-aye, and tells him it's not important. Maurice claims that he needs to know what life would have been like if they never met. Julien takes this as an insult and tells Maurice to go. On his way out, Maurice walks past Clover and tells her to take care of Julien. While Maurice is walking away, Julien climbs a tree and shouts at Maurice, saying that he doesn't need him and the kingdom will be better without him. Julien then slips, falling hard into a pile of mangoes.

Maurice walks towards the Aye-Aye Kingdom and comes across a tavern on the outskirts. He walks inside, asking an aye-aye for directions, when he discovers Ted on the stage playing a birthday song. Maurice goes up to Ted and tells him this isn't a birthday. Ted says knew he should have warned his "Banana" agent, and tries improvise with the crowd, but they throw chairs and a crocodile at him. When Maurice asks who threw the reptile, Brosalind appears and asks why Maurice is in her tavern. Maurice says he's looking for his family, and for Prince Brodney. Everyone laughs until Maurice pulls out the bell. Brosalind pushes Maurice against the wall and asks where he got the bell. Maurice explains how the bell was found with him when he was a baby. Brosalind is shocked that the chosen one is alive.

In Dr. S' cave, Clover asks if King Julien is going to be alright. Dr. S explains that the only way Julien is going to get out of his coma is by his own power.

Julien wakes up in a dream to Mort and Rob (youthful version), but when he asks where Maurice is, Rob says he doesn't know a Maurice. Walking through the jungle, Julien insists that Maurice was his royal advisor, but Rob explains that he has been Julien's advisor since Julien's uncle died from getting shocked on his birthday. Julien questions what happened to the kingdom and why all the lemurs are lazy. Rob explains that Julien made every day a holiday, and even added a second Sunday. No one can say no to him. Realizing he is in a dream, a miniature Julien pops out of Julien's crown, and says that this is a nightmare, since they both know how dangerous they can get if no one says no to them. The two Juliens decide that the only they can get out of the dream is for someone to punch him, but Julien questions who would dare punch the king.

Julien knocks on Clover's hut, and enters, only to discover she has gained a few pounds. When Julien asks Clover about her weight, Clover explains he did this to her since Rob fired her upon his request. Julien explains to Clover that this is a dream and asks her to punch him so she can get back to normal. Clover agrees, but tires herself out before she can punch him. Julien decides to run into Clover's fist.

Julien wakes up from his coma to Clover, Rob, and Mort back to their original selves and is glad. Clover explains to Julien that he fell and hit his head pretty hard. Julien explains he saw what his life would have been without Maurice, and that he doesn't care about him finding his destiny, because him finding Maurice in the grass was Julien's destiny. Julien decides they have to find Maurice.

Back in the tavern, Brosalind is questioning Maurice about why he's here, and if the Aye-Aye Kingdom is in danger. Ted tries to help Maurice, but backs out when the aye-ayes talk about sacrificing them both to the bell gods. Just as the aye-ayes close in on Ted and Maurice, Brosalind grabs them and escapes the tavern. Ted questions why she is helping them, and Brosalind says she's Maurice's sister.

At a fire, Brosalind tells Maurice and Ted how roughly every millennium, a beautiful aye-aye is born, called the chosen one. It is admired and then taken to the edge of the kingdom to be sacrificed to the bell gods at the center of the Earth. Ted questions the believability of "bell" gods, which Maurice retorts by saying they believe in sky gods. Ted tells him that the sky gods are in fact real. Brosalind explains how the chosen one, alive, will bring consequences to the aye-aye kingdom. Behind the group are mountain lemurs, threatening them that bell gods are the least of their worries.

Captured by mountain lemurs and carried back to the tavern, Maurice asks why they tie aye-ayes up in sacks. Brosalind answers that it stops the aye-aye from using their musk gland for defense. The captain mountain lemur tells the others to hurry up so they can meet up with the "master". Maurice asks if mountain lemurs were wiped out, but Broslind replies that they are actually growing in numbers. Mauce warns Ted that if the mountain lemurs keep moving west, it will threaten both their kingdom and the aye-ayes' kingdom. Since Ted feared tinkles, Maurice decides it's up to him. Brosalind says he can't beat them, but Maurice says he's not planning on beating them, and unties Ted. He tells Ted to set the others free and warn their kingdoms of what is coming while he distracts them. He also tells Ted to tell King Julien he's sorry. Maurice charges at the mountain lemurs and bites one of them. Ted cheers for Maurice, but Maurice starts to get thrown around. The other aye-ayes tell Ted to untie them, but Ted comments the mountain lemurs might kill Maurice. The aye-aye says it should have happened along time ago. Brosalind shouts at them, saying they shouldn't have sacrificed a child, and yells to Maurice that he can beat the mountain lemurs by using his musk gland. Maurice retorts that he's not even sure he's an aye-aye. Brosaind confirms he is an aye-aye and all he has to do is clench and believe. Maurice clenches and believes, and a huge musk cloud comes out, causing the mountain lemurs to run away.

Clover barges in, but gets quickly trampled by the escaping mountain lemurs. Maurice and Julien see each other and hug. Julien orders Maurice to never leave again because he is his advisor, and he needs him. He is sobbing. Maurice says to him not to worry because he won't leave ever again. Julien then smells Maurice and tells him to get some air freshener. Brosalind goes to Prince Brodney and tells him about the mountain lemurs planning a raid on their kingdom. Maurice confirms this and says that the Lemur Kingdom could be in danger as well. Both Julien and Clover wear shock on their faces.

Underground, Dingbert tells Ringo that the chosen one, Maurice, has returned. Ringo says that the prophecy of The Great Jingle Jangle has come true, and the War of the Beasts has begun. All the bells start ringing.

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