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While Crimson plans to feed King Julien, Maurice, and Pancho to the giant tentacle, Ted plans to rescue them. Mort tries to rally his fellow lemurs but they are losing hope.


On the island, full of sirens, Julien sits in a cage with Maurice and Pancho, while Crimson explains how she arrived on the island. Julien screams at her to stop her story. He then asks if she will really feed the group to a tentacle monster. She tells him she will feed every inch of him, to which Julien says he will forced to release his secret weapon, Pancho. However, when he tries to trigger him, through the words Fontelle Elipsis Shmear (used previously in the Panchurian Candidate), he cannot remember the correct words. Crimson leaves unharmed. Maurice tells the others that Ted is still out there, and could save them. The others pretend to not know Ted.

At the kingdom, Mort grumbles at yet another day working for Koto. Inside his mind, he decides he must call a meeting with everyone, to warn them of the news he discovered in the previous episode. He runs outside, screaming.

With Clover and Sage, the pair arrive at Sage's guru's mountain, an abandoned temple. Clover is shocked at what she first sees, mud everywhere. Mud in pools, mud in mounds, mud splattered on the walls, mud caked into the floor. However, she is soon excited, thinking of ways she will use the weapon they receive. She pushes Sage along the floor, and he tells her to be patient. She looks around for the guru, but instead finds a mudskipper. Sage bows to him. Clover is at first unconvinced he is really Sage's guru, but leans in to talk to him. He vomits mud in her face, with Sage saying "Good,he likes you".

On Siren Island, Ted is lost. He tells himself he must "lemur up", but then sees a scorpion. He screams, and runs into a tree. The tree releases a coconut, which falls on the scorpion and kills them. Ted believes this is a sign he is a warrior, and takes to doing the things warriors do. He tries to make fire, and hunt his own food. He fails multiple times, before finally "killing" a mango to eat.

Night has fallen. In the kingdom, Mort has called a meeting. He tells them of what he heard, but Tammy does not believe him. She says he must be lying as he is jealous of Todd. She calls Todd to dance for them, saying Koto will take him as his son and heir. Todd is eaten by a snake, who was clearly sick of Tammy's performances with Todd. Mort continues, saying they must dig a tunnel to escape.

On the island, Ted is pulled into the bushes by a man who looks like him, but with a mustache. Crimson and her crew bring Julien and his crew through the jungle. Julien trips, and Crimson rushes to pick him up, showing unusual concern. The sirens look at her, confused. She tells them she simply can't have her "prime sacrifice bruised". Ted appears a few minutes later, with the man who rescued him. The man introduces himself as Snake, and tells Ted the sirens will feed his friends to the tentacle in the cave.

In the kingdom, Mort sneaks to the garden shed, full of supplies, with Masikura and Maggie. They are caught by a female mountain lemur named Zora. The chameleons disappear, and Mort is left to think of an excuse. Noticing a key on her spear, he tells her he came to find her because he is in love with her.

On the mountain, Clover leans in and asks Sage's guru for a weapon. He vomits on her again, and Sage comments that his guru really likes her, as he only vomits on those he likes.

On Siren Island, Julien plays around in his cage. Suddenly, he is released by Crimson. She wraps herself around him, grabbing his muzzle in her paw and leading him to the cave. In need of a man on her island full of females, she tells him if he becomes her mate again, she will not feed him to the tentacle. Julien is about to decline, but hears the tentacle and jumps into her arms. He says he is all hers and she carries him off.

In the kingdom, Zora, the female mountain lemur, tells Mort he must fight her in order to marry her. He agrees, and she completely thrashes him. However, she knocks him so hard, he bounces off a tree and hits her hard, moving her back a few steps. She says no one ever makes her move, and then licks him, accepting him as her mate.

In the temple, Clover demands the weapon. Sage tells her to try saying please, to which she tries by saying it twice and then asks again. The guru only vomits over her yet again.

On Siren Island, Crimson and her sirens begin the sacrifice, singing. Julien asks why they must sacrifice Pancho and Maurice, but Crimson ignores him, sprawled out on a bed and nibbling his ears. From afar, Ted and Snake look on. Ted tells him someone must do something, but Snake only looks at him in an uncomfortable way.

In the kingdom, Mort lays with Zora on a mat. She has taken quite a liking to him, telling him he melts heart. She soon falls asleep. Mort takes advantage of this, stealing her key, but apologizing lovingly. He makes it to the garden shed, and laughs at his victory.

On the mountain, Sage explains to Clover to be gentler in the way she asks for things, to be patient. She tries again, calmer. She explains her reason for needing the weapon to the guru, hoping he will understand. He only vomits on her again. Having enough, Clover screams at him. She beats him to a pulp using various methods. When she is finished, she is breathless, but still angry. The guru, introducing himself as Jarsh-Jarsh, tells her he sees her anger, and therefore cannot give her the weapon. Clover believes she has failed, and exhaustedly gives up for the day.

On Crimson's island, Julien looks on, horrified, as the sacrifice is finally ready to begin. He tells Crimson she cannot sacrifice his friends without sacrificing him. He jumps onto Maurice, who gives him an annoyed look. Crimson angrily tells him to have it his way, and opens up a feast for herself. However, instead of food, Ted is on the plate. He tells them he is here to rescue them. He leaps to his feet, along with Snake, and begins fighting the Sirens. As the tentacle reaches up to grab the three males, Ted leaps onto him with a spear. He sticks the spear in him, and finally wrestles him into submission. He tells the tentacle to go vegan. The others complement Ted on his fighting ability, and Ted says he could not have done it without Snake, who has left. Maurice claims Snake does not exist, much to Ted’s shock. He faints. Crimson appears to tell Julien to stay, now there is no threat. He tells her he must go fight for his kingdom, and leaves. The others follow.

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