From The All Nighter Before Christmas


Skipper: Santa Magic says try it in G.

Bada: It's Christmas day but you're feeling low. With the cold grey skies and the yellow snow.
Bing: Something, something, something. Giba gaba gago.
Bada: But I'll tell you pal one thing you gotta know.
Bada and Bing: It ain't perfect but it's Christmas! So what if you didn't get all your Christmas wishes? There ain't a better day that's a better one than this is! Cause kid, it ain't perfect, Yo! But it's still Christmas!

Private: So Santa skipped the best things that were on your list.
Skipper: But solider tell that frown to cease and desist!
Marlene: You know when to look, You'll find Christmas bli-i-i-iss!
King Julien: Oh, that's pretty! We'll sing it one more time. Maybe you will catch the jist? Ha-ha-ha Ooof!

Everybody: It ain't perfect, but it's Christmas!
King Julien: Yes.
Everybody: So what a few days,
Mort: Had a few minor glitches?
Roger: Just clean up the mess, and help your mom with the dishes.
Skipper: Cause kids...

Everybody: It ain't perfect, no! But its still Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!
King Julien: Yea!
Everybody: Christmas!
Skipper: Ho ho ho ho ho!


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