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The Royal Julien Family is a family tree of Lemurs (animal group) who presumably descended from King Julien I. Almost every member of the family resided mostly in the Lemur Kingdom of Madagascar. A few Julien members are mentioned in the franhise: King Julien I, King Julien II, King Julien IV, King Julien the Terrible (whose number along the family bloodline is unknown), King Julien “the Hygenic” (whose number along the family bloodline is also unknown), King Julien XII, and King Julien XIII, but those in between are unknown. They supposedly ruled in chronological order from 1-13. The supposed spouses of these rulers are also unknown, but a few are named, such as Prince Barty (married to Princess Julienne), and the unnamed cow whom Julien II married.

Known Members

King Julien

King Julien (XIII)

King Julien XIII is the 13th and most famous of the Julien Family. He is known for having a lot of parties, defeating the foosa during his second day as king, defeating Karl, Koto, Captain Ethan, Clemson, the foosa, and Savio. He was also known for helping the New York Giants, as well as being a foil to the penguin known as Skipper. King Julien dated several people in his life, from Karen the lemur to a bear named Sonya. King Julien would eventfully travel by plane to New York City, along with four large animals. King Julien is currently now living in the Central Park Zoo, or Circus Zaragoza, along with his Royal Advisor Maurice.



Although he was adopted by Prince Barty and Princess Julienne as a little brother to King Julien, Brodney was actually born before King Julien. Unlike his adopted brother, Brodney is more of a “lover than a ruler”. Brodney is married to Bronda, and had about three kids so far. However, Brodney eventfully decided to rule the Aye Aye Kingdom. Brodney would later star in a play produced by Mort, as a disguise for the escape from the Lemur Kingdom during Koto's Reign of all the known Kingdoms in Madagascar.



As Brodney’s wife, Bronda makes her way into the Julien family tree as well. She first met Brodney after Brodney was saved by King Julien from a Giant Tentacle. They later dated and married. Together they rule the Aye Aye Kingdom, and are known to have three children.

King Julien XII

King Julien XII is the main antagonist of his nephew's own story, All Hail King Julien, and the secondary antagonist of All Hail King Julien: Exiled. He is rude, dishonest, obnoxious, evil, lazy, sarcastic, deceiving, selfish, vain, cowardly and idiotic.

Towards the end of the series, Uncle King Julien gives up on taking the throne back, because he fell in love with Zora and wanted to run away together with her. Julien pardons them both and allows them to marry and live a happy life together. This explains why he didn't try to take the throne back from Julien when he, Mauriceand Mort left Madagascar for good in the second movie.

King Julien the Terrible with King Julien XIII

King Julien the Terrible

King Julien the Terrible is a character from All Hail King Julien. He was the former King of Madagascar, one of the worst, before being trapped in a cave by his rebelling people.

King Julien II

King Julien II was a mentioned character in All Hail King Julien. He was the second king of Madagascar, and married a royal cow whom he may have eaten for dinner that same night. He is also known for his allergy to gecko milk, where if he drank it, he was turned into a beast known to the public as the Night Creature. He was killed by Grandma Rose.

King Julien IV

King Julien IV was the fourth king of Madagascar and ancestor of King Julien. He is known to have put Mort's grandfather in jail as a punishment for his crimes.

King Julien I

King Julien I was the first of the Julien kings and was known for his ‘booty’.

Prince Barty

Prince Barty is the father of King Julien and the husband of Princess Julienne. He first appears in the episode O Captain My Captain prt 1 with his wife Julienne. They came because the mango supply they we're getting from Hector is no more so they came back to ask for their "monthy allowance" but find that they're son is missing when King Julien comes back with Clover and Mortfrom the adventures with the Pirates King julien meets them in between Dance, Dance, Resoulutionand Love Gauntletthey start having emotions for Julien, even getting him a ''younger" brother Brodney, but they find out that Brodney is actually the new king because Brodney is older than Julien. After that issue is resolved they get trapped by Karland into the Love Gauntlet but they don't know any trivia about Julien and are about to die, but they do know the final question which is which is Julien’s favorite toy. After they know the correct question the love gauntlet explodes and they escape, but the Pirates are back and want to kill Julien, until Captain Ethan eventually dies by lava. After that, in Night Creatures they come and want to give Uncle King Julien the crown back, but they think to give Julien another chance and want to throw a party, but Julien has been drinking a lot of Gecko Milk. Everyone in the Julien line has that allergy, so they block him and turn him back to normal and see that Uncle king Julien has been giving Julien XIII Gecko milk, so Barty and Julienne give Uncle King Julien Gecko milk and trap him before he leaves.

Princess Julienne

Princess Julienne is the mother of King Julien, the wife of Prince Barty and the sister of Uncle King Julien. She first appears in the episode O Captain My Captain Part 1 with her husband Barty.