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Skipper declares one particular night to be "Game Night", and engages his team in a game of Hot Potato, with the "hot potato" being an armed bomb. However, the game goes horribly wrong when Private panics and throws the bomb at Leonard the Koala's habitat, destroying part of the wall. The next morning, when Gus the repairman examines the damage, he declares that the whole habitat has to be knocked down and rebuilt. A disgruntled Alice decides to place Leonard in Joey's habitat in the meantime, since they are both from Australia (which she humorously mistakes for Austria). When the penguins find this out, they assume the responsibility of ensuring Leonard's safety.

When the penguins first arrive in Joey's habitat, he beats them up like he usually does, but when he's got Private in his paws, the tiny penguin explains that Joey's going to be getting a temporary roommate. Surprisingly, Joey's actually happy to have a roommate, but it turns that Joey assumes that his new (albeit temporary) roommate is going to be a female kangaroo—after Private explains that his roommate isn't a kangaroo, he and the other penguins introduce a sleeping Leonard to Joey, Joey tries to intimidate him but is confused by Leonard's lack of response. When Kowalski informs Joey that Leonard is nocturnal and thus will not have to deal with him at all due to their different sleep cycles, Joey agrees to let Leonard stay (also conveniently using the Leonard as a footrest with the koala not feeling it).

When Leonard finally wakes up, he nervously accepts that he is now living with Joey. Unfortunately, as Joey tries to sleep, Leonard starts playing bagpipes, waking him up. Joey soon realizes that while he is a light sleeper and easily affected by Leonard's activities, Leonard is a heavy sleeper who does not even notice any form of retaliation. Things reach boiling point when Leonard accidentally pops Joey's ball while playing with it, and a furious Joey attacks him just as the penguins drop by to visit.

The penguins successfully rescue Leonard, and all of them escape into the sewers. Joey gives chase and knocks out all the penguins before cornering Leonard. In his desperation, Leonard places the entire blame on the penguins for destroying his habitat in the first place, consequently causing their current problems. Joey's anger subsides as he agrees with Leonard, and, through their mutual dislike for the penguins, finally become friends. Skipper, who after all, is used to being hated this much, celebrates their "victory" by starting another game of Hot Potato in the sewers.