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Julien is diagnosed with Mad Horse Disease but refuses to give up the throne to his uncle without a fight... or maybe a steeplechase.


Julien is convinced that he is dying, but Maurice doesn't believe this and thinks he's faking it so he doesn't have to work. After some arguing, Maurice schedules an appointment with Dr. S.

At Dr. S' cave, Julien is told that Rob put himself in a medically induced coma to catch some sleep. When Maurice tries to leave thinking King Julien is okay, they are interrupted by Dr. S, who picks up and starts to go through an outdated medical almanac, telling Julien he has “Mad Horse Disease”, and has only one week to live. Maurice doesn't buy this due to the fact Julien is not a horse.

Back at the plane, Julien believes he is dying and asks Masikura what will happen after his death. Masikura says he will go to Frank-ri-La and will be judged harshly by his ancestors based on his actions as king. Since Julien isn't exactly a generous king, Masikura suggests he make amends with anyone he has wronged, with which Maurice and Clover agree because it won't do any harm to apologize even though Julien is not dying.

Julien begins his apologies, beginning with his apology to Pancho for eating his entire wedding cake, and to Horst for pushing him off a cliff in hurry. Both backfire as the box he gives to Pancho is empty and the drink he gives to Horst spills. Maurice is exhausted by the end of this.

Back at the plane, Julien is tired of making amends. Maurice reaffirms him that he is not really dying. Then, Julien gives a heartfelt apology to Maurice, which makes him cry, and he runs away. Masikura appears saying that Julien made his ancestors very proud, but Julien objects and says he still has one lemur to make amends with.

That one lemur turns out to be Crimson, who is with Sage. Crimson tries to make Julien jealous, saying she and Sage are "in love", but Julien is not interested and says to Crimson that he's dying and he's sorry for leaving her at the altar. Crimson looks shocked after hearing the news, and on his way out, Julien adds that by the same time next week, he will be having the most "off-the-heezy" funeral of all time. Once he leaves, Crimson seems speechless for a few seconds before smiling evilly, knowing just who to share the news with.

Meanwhile in Feartopia, Uncle King Julien is still trapped. He tries several attempts to escape but fails every time. When he starts to accept he will never be free, Crimson opens the gate noting that it's still unlocked, and tells Uncle King Julien that she has big news. The two leave the island on a raft, and she tells Uncle King Julien about Julien's health and possible death. Then, Uncle King Julien, knowing his nephew may be exaggerating, suggests that if the disease turns out to be less serious, they could use some poison.

At Julien hut, Julien lays on his bed, trying to rest while Mort tries to give him a sponge bath. Julien kicks Mort out and he starts to leave, but is run over by Crimson who comes running into the hut. She is followed by Clover who rushes in trying to stop her sister. Julien doesn't seem to mind that Crimson is there, probably due to the fact that she offers to wait on him hand and foot, but Clover says she thinks Crimson is up to something and tells her sister that the king isn't actually sick. Clover and Julien get into an argument, leading Clover to leave the hut in anger, dragging Mort along with her, leaving Crimson alone with Julien. During the night, Crimson starts to make Julien some soup, which she poisons and feeds to him. Maurice, Clover and Mort open the curtains and walk into the room. Mort's first reaction is both horror and anger when he sees Julien being fed soup by Crimson, while Maurice and Clover say that the "disease" has gone far enough, and that he is not sick. Maurice walks up to King Julien and starts to say that if he was sick, he would have symptoms, but he stops when he feels Julien's head and realises he has a fever. The mood in the room suddenly shifts, as Clover and Maurice realize that Julien may have been telling the truth. They are ushered out by Crimson, who says that he needs rest and will have more energy the next day. After closing the curtains, Crimson turns back to Julien with a fake smiled on her face and tells Julien to relax, she will take care of her "Shmoopy Bear".

The next morning, at the bottom of the baobab tree, Uncle King Julien addresses the kingdom, gathered in a crowd. He tells them that their current king is not doing well, but he'll step back up as their "Fear Leader" for them. Pancho objects and says they don't want him as king again, and that they're not scared of him anymore. Uncle King Julien then blows a horn that calls Mary Ann and the other foosa, making Pancho take back his objection, and the other lemurs scared again. Mary Ann starts to explain her plan to the kingdom while repeatedly being interrupted by Horst, who in the end is carried off in the mouth of another foosa. She and Uncle King Julien reveal that half the kingdom belongs to the foosa. Hector asks how they know their "current idiot king isn't gonna get better", Uncle King Julien just smirks and promises them (evilly) that he will not be getting any better.

Back in Julien's hut Crimson continues to feed him poison soup, as Uncle King Julien comes in to say he'll look after the kingdom until Julien gets better, and take over if he does not. Julien, who is already poisoned by the soup and can't think straight, only stutters for a bit before being told by Crimson to relax and enjoy his last few days in peace. Clover then suddenly runs in and tells the king his uncle is working with the foosa to take over the kingdom. She proceeds to grab the soup Crimson has been feeding Julien, and tastes a small drop, identifying it as poison. She tells her sister that it's over, before Uncle King Julien whistles and calls some foosa into the hut. He and Crimson leave the hut, after giving the foosa instructions to finish them off. Clover then starts to fight the foosa, telling King Julien to save himself. Still poisoned, he runs around the room screaming in fear before eventually falling out of the window.

Julien lands on the ground and starts running and shouting, before Mort and Maurice grab him and hold him to the ground. Maurice holds his mouth shut and drags him into the bushes. He explains to King Julien that the foosa had outnumbered them, which makes Julien mad at his uncle for poisoning him, taking over his kingdom and taking Clover hostage. He then starts a long and dramatic monologue, which makes Mort look up to him with wide eyes, but Maurice suddenly interrupts saying that they still don't have a plan. Julien then says he has one.

Back in the kingdom, Uncle King Julien tries to force Masikura to crown him, before threatening to fire her if she doesn't. Just as she's about to lower the headpiece onto his head, they are suddenly interrupted by the Mega Gecko Aspire (built by Timo), and piloted by King Julien himself. He starts to press random buttons and levers, shouting out that he is still a bit poisoned, and that he shouldn't be operating heavy machinery, but keeps going anyway, using the robot to bite off some of the cage Clover was in to get her free. She shouts at him to be careful and that he nearly killed her, but he ignores her. He gives her orders to chase the foosa out of the kingdom. Clover scares away the predators, and King Julien drives the machine threateningly towards Crimson and Uncle King Julien, who look up in terror. Crimson, being agile and quick-thinking like her sister, bounces off a tree and manages to get away, while Uncle King Julien is too scared to do anything. Julien then uses the large metal gecko to swallow his uncle then shoot him away.

While messing around with the gecko after all the foosa are gone, Julien accidentally presses the self-destruct button. Fearing his kingdom will be blown up by the explosion, he starts to lead the Mega Gecko away towards the cliff. Timo, Clover, Maurice and Mort follow behind. When they ask him what he's doing, he says he's saving his people, and reassures them that it's okay because he can just jump off. But when tries, he is stopped by a 'safety belt' that Timo attached, before starting to freak out and realize that he is going to be blown up. Clover says that she that they won't lose him while Mort starts to cry because he doesn't want to let go of the feet. They eventually reach the cliff before the robot falls into the water and explodes, causing a huge splash that nearly reaches the height of the cliff, taking Julien with it, possibly killing him.

Clover, Maurice, Mort and Timo all rush down to the beach, where, to their horror, they find no sign of the robot or King Julien, which causes them to assume that Julien died in the blast and was washed out to sea. Before they can mourn their king, Julien's crown floats towards them. Maurice and Mort start to cry, but Clover picks up the crown and hands it to Maurice, saying, "We don't rest until we find King Julien. And in the meantime, someone needs to hold the kingdom together. So man up, wipe your nose, and try to look like you know what you're doing."

Before the episode ends, King Julien's unconscious body is seen underwater. Julien wakes up and starts blinking in confusion for a few seconds before being captured in a net, leaving Season 2 on a cliffhanger.


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