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For the The Penguins of Madagascar episode, see King Me (The Penguins of Madagascar episode).
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This is the first episode of All Hail King Julien.

Uncle King Julien abdicates the throne, handing off his crown to Prince Julien. Let the reign of King Julien the Thirteenth begin!




The episode begins where King Julien is introduced by Maurice. The party begins and King Julien says that this party is for him. Suddenly, the fossa begin to attack and Maurice says to King Julien that they must leave. King Julien refuses it and challenges the foosa. He repels them with martial arts and the power of music. He continuously plays his keytar before a face appears who says him to wake up. This infers that he is dreaming. It is seen that Maurice continuously tries to wake him up saying that they have a meeting with his uncle, who is the king, but fails. Finally, he says that there is a dace-party at the Baobab Tree which makes prince Julien to wake up instantly and he begins to ask why wasn't he invited. He understands that it is a lie and Maurice asks whether Julien had the same dream. Price Julien says that he is the awesome king ever before he wakes up and sees Maurice. Maurice assures the Prince Julien that someday his dream will come true.

However, Prince Julien said that the only way that will happen is to pry the crown from his uncle's cold dead head and still his uncle won't give it. Maurice gives credit to king since he had kept them safe. Prince Julien says that it was through fear. Maurice says that the fossa ate half the kingdom in the past year, and Julien adds that the other half was kept perfectly fine. The audience understand that Prince Julien tries to say that Uncle King Julien uses fear of the fossa to keep the kingdom silent. He then asks Maurice what does he always say and he questions whether his toe-nails make him look fat. Julien agrees and then disagrees. Agreeing that hem says that, he says that he don't want to survive but want to live. Going towards his window, he says that this is not living, pointing at the deserted area with signs asking to keep quiet. Prince Julien finds this intolerable.

Meanwhile, his uncle met Masikura to ask whether his sacrifices have changed the prophesy about the King of Lemurs been eaten by the fossa. The audience understands how vice he is. Masikura says that nothing has changed and the bearer of the crown will be eaten. Hearing that that the crown bearer is to be eaten, he gets overjoyed and kisses Masikura since he got a vicious idea. Uncle King Julien gives his crown to Prince Julien which surprises both the Prince and Maurice. Trying to justify his actions, he says that ruling is a young lemurs job. Maurice asks whether he is ready and he replies that he is after adjusting the crown. Maurice says that this seems so sudden and Uncle King Julien says that fate is strange and they may cross paths as early as day-after-tomorrow. Clover arrives and she is introduced as his bodyguard. Due to the joy, King Julien goes unconscious. Clover asks whether he is alright and Maurice says that that question haunted him. He says that he is in a bliss coma which he came up when Maurice finished the count-down. King Julien gets excited and thanks the sky gods. He decides to have large coronation party but Maurice and Clover advices to have something which is low-key since a large ceremony will attract the foosa. Ultimately he agrees to have a small and boring party.

Prince Julien crowned by Maurice as King Julien The 13th.

Xixi, the news reporter of Madagascar, states that the kingdom awaits to see the new king, who appeared to them after emerging from a pond and carried by 2 crocodiles. He arrives to the foot of the Baobab Tree where he was crowned as King Julien The 13th by Maurice. He says to his people that entertaining activities are no longer illegal and they need not to fear the foosa. King Julien says that they can take their women, precious metals, freedom but can never take their freedom. This confuses the lemurs and out of the blue, a mouse lemurs falls who says that he believes in the new King Julien. King Julien asked his name and he answered that he is Mort. It is here where King Julien and Mort began their friendship. The party begins but were soon attacked by the fossa. Clover, manages to knock out one fossa, but turns her back too soon. She is knocked out by the stampede of fossa who follow. A tensed situation is caused. Maurice asked what is King Julien's plan and he said to flee for their lives. Comic relief is added when Mort says that he is saving them in very confusing ways. The foosa caught as much as lemur they can and went to their territory.

Next morning, King Julien come in search of his kingdom, which is gone according to Maurice. King Julien says that he order to run and Maurice answered that ones who were not in the foosa's "grocery list" escaped but never returned. It appeared to King Julien that his kingdom is only the 3 best friends: King Julien, Maurice and Clover. Taking his crown, he sobs since he could not even get it into the key-tar solo. Surprising all, they hear someone saying that King Julien never had a chance. King Julien asks the crown whether it is it speaking to him before Masikura appears in front of his face and freaks him out. Maurice inquires what she meant and Masikura answered that his uncle knew that this was happening since she foretold that the King of Lemurs will be eaten by the foosa. Maurice understands King Julien's uncle's vicious plan. However, King Julien did take sometime to understand it but was in a kind of shock when he understood it. Maurice says that prophecies can go wrong but Masikura comfirms that he is "foosa chow." Maurice says that his people need you. He then decides to take back his people by repopulating; Clover with King Julien and Maurice with Masikura. They instantly disagree though King Julien says it is a time-honored tradition. King Julien thinks he must fight off the fossa and save the people himself, after thinking that there must be a reason that the gods have chosen him as king, and maybe the reason is to get eaten while saving his people. King Julien sarcastically appreciates the gods for thinking about him. Clover decides to help him but goes unconscious. King Julien says that he thanked her but this is something he need to do alone. Very next moment, he asks Maurice to come with him.

Meanwhile, the foosa is getting ready to eat the lemur they caught who are overwhelmed with fear, except one. Mort is acting as a tutor to the foosa and was explaining the taste of lemurs and even says that the short loin is very tender. The foosa, with their tongues out, listens to it. Willie grabs Mort and asks what is he doing but he replies that they won't be eaten since King Julien will save them. Mort continues to show the taste of lemurs by dipping himself in honey mustard and barbledeecue and makes a foosa go unconscious, probably he can't imagine how delicious it would be. With the help of Maurice, King Julien goes off to the Cove of Wonders after being told by Masikura that he will find his perfect weapon, the weapon he chose from his heart. It seemed to Maurice as a buttload of junk but King Julien is delighted to own it. He, first and foremost, finds the boombox which he feels that he chose from his heart. However, Maurice thinks they need something with more firepower and less ultra-bass. King Julien then finds a metal helmet which seems to be too heavy. He then finds a harpoon which cause him to be shot with the arrow. He goes and hits on the boombox and it plays again. He says that there is a connection and asks whether his mother had another son. Maurice says that his mother would never give birth to a boombox. And in the end, he finds a paddle ball which he plays well to defeat Maurice. Maurice thinks it is the weapon.

In the foosa territory, Mort has put on a show on a plate surrounded with kumquats and was dancing with two leaves of lettuce. The foosa seemed to love it since they all were cheering. King Julien says to Maurice that it is always the stupid ones who show true bravery. Before he go, he says to Maurice to take his people to safety when he distracted the foosa. He says that if he scream for him, still the kingdom comes first. Maurice hugs him, which causes King Julien to shed a tear. He thanks Maurice for always looking in to him though it was his job. Maurice replies that it stop been a job a long time ago, which shows their true friendship. King Julien marches off to the fossa territory and fights the fossa with his new weapon. But as it turns out, the weapon is not as useful as he thought, as the fossa broke the paddle ball with one bite. He hit the foosa and it broke. He decides to fool them with his crown but doesn't work well. He asks Maurice to help him. Shocked, he thinks how this happened and ultimately realizes how stupid he was and retreats to bring the boom box. King Julien inquired where he is going and asks what kind of "yellow-booted coward" will run away leaving his own people near the foosa. The foosa looks at each other in a way which shows that he talks about himself. And even his people point him. Understanding that he is the worst king, he asks the foosa to eat him, causing Mort wail in pain and was comforted by a foosa. They were about to be eaten and King Julien apologizes everyone. Just when King Julien's foot was to be eaten, it is heard, "I Like to Move It Move It" and all gaze in amazement. King Julien is delighted to see Maurice and says it is no a good time to shake the money maker. He says that this is his weapon and it is you. King Julien feels something and asks Mort who is his ruler, which Mort says yes.

He asks Maurice to drop him a beat. He escapes and saves his people using the beat of the boombox and his unique dancing skill. Mort was about to be eaten and King Julien uses his feet to defeat the foosa who were about to eat Mort. To pay gratitude, Mort decides to love the feet forever give the all the huggies in the world. The foosa surrounded KJ and says to Maurice that it is like his dream but don't have his key-tar. He looks around and sees a pile of rocks shaking and understand that he have ultra-bass to put the rocks down. He asks Maurice to crank that naughty pony and he has now ultra bass. To buy time until the rocks fall, he keep dodging. Rocks resonate faster but due to the ultre bass usage, the boombox breaks. A foosa bites his booty and he lets out a high-pitched shriek which causes a small rock particle to resonate faster and burst. The rocks come crashing down. The foosa retreat and King Julien escapes in time. Maurice can't believe that he saved his people. KJ can't believe that Masikura was wrong. To justify her statement, she shows bite which took a chunk of his butt, which was later helpful in identifying him.

King Julien saying to Maurice, at the end, that Madagascar is really a paradise.

With the lemurs safe for now, King Julien holds a party in the middle of the night with the fixed boombox. Clover appreciated KJ's actions and he answers that he is king now and it is what he do. King Julien sees Clover's bravery in knocking out the first fossa, and even volunteering to follow King Julien to the fossa territory, he promotes Clover to Commander of the Ringtail Guard after the rest ran away, much to her delight. She begins to say her ideas and KJ asks to cool the crazy since she got the job. Maurice says that this party won't last forever and KJ says that the foosa will return and trying to eat them. He then says that there is nothing that don't want to kill them. King Julien says that he learnt that "if there may not be a tomorrow", we have to live "an extra big today." The party continues and King Julien to Maurice that Madagascar is "really is paradise." The story ends with a scene of Uncle King Julien sitting on a tree branch while drinking, wondering if his nephew, King Julien is dead yet.

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