For the The Penguins of Madagascar episode, see King Me (The Penguins of Madagascar episode).
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Uncle King Julien abdicates the throne, handing off his crown to Prince Julien. Let the reign of King Julien the Thirteenth begin! This is the first episode of AHKJ.


Prince Julien XIII dreams about being the most awesome lemur king of all time, where the lemur kingdom wildly parties before being interrupted by a foosa attack. He repels them with martial arts and the power of music. However, he is rudely awoken by his friend Maurice, who stirs him by yelling that there's a dance party by the baobab tree. Maurice guesses that Julien had the same dream and assures the prince that someday his dream will come true. However, Julien said that the only way that will happen is by prying the crown from his uncle's cold dead head. As it turns out, with the foosa having ate half the kingdom in the past year, Uncle King Julien uses fear of the foosa to keep the kingdom silent, which Julien finds intolerable.

After Masikura prophesies that the one who wears the crown shall be eaten by the foosa, Uncle King Julien gives his crown to Prince Julien the Thirteenth. Excited, King Julien holds a coronation party in his kingdom, before they are attacked by the foosa. The former King Julien's bodyguard, Clover, manages to knock out one foosa, but turns her back too soon to realize that there are more. She is knocked out by the stampede of foosa who follow. Except for Maurice, Clover and King Julien. King Julien thinks he must fight off the foosa, after thinking that there must be a reason that the gods have chosen him, and maybe the reason is to get eaten while saving his people. With the help of Maurice, King Julien goes off to the Cove of Wonders after being told by Masikura that he will find his perfect weapon.

After getting distracted by a boombox he finds, Maurice suggests to King Julien to find something else with more firepower and less "ultra-base". And in the end, he finds a paddle ball and proves to Maurice that it is his weapon. And so with the weapon, King Julien marches off to the foosa territory and fights the foosa with his new weapon. But as it turns out, the weapon is not as useful as he thought, as the foosa broke the paddle ball with one bite. Finally, Maurice realises that King Julien's secret weapon is the first thing he found, the boombox. He leaves the scene for a while and returns with the boombox, and King Julien somehow manages to fight off the foosa. Finally, the boombox's loud ultra-base causes a pile of rock to fall onto the foosa, until the boombox suddenly explodes and stops working. With one of the foosa's teeth in his rear end, his loud scream of pain causes one tiny pebble to break as the rocks fall onto the rest of the foosa. With the lemurs safe for now, King Julien holds a party in the middle of the night with the fixed boombox. After King Julien sees Clover's bravery in knocking out the first foosa, and even volunteering to follow King Julien to the foosa territory, he promotes Clover to Commander of the Ringtail Guard, much to her delight. The story ends with a scene of Uncle King Julien sitting on a tree branch while drinking, wondering if King Julien is dead yet.

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