Kingdom You Ain't No Lady

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You're leaving me all alone,
With memories of my only home.
Bad or good, right or wrong,
I'll give to you my farewell song.

Kingdom you ain't no lady,
I said, Kingdom you ain't no lady.
That's right, Kingdom you ain't no lady,
You are my wife.

Now I will wait for you,
Just hoping for your reply.
Perhaps it's a faint hello,
Or simply a not, not a sad goodbye.

I gave you everything,
The best that I knew how.
Waterslides, tramps, and dancing,
But now you're leaving and that's over now.

Baby we ain't perfect,
But we're learning how to live, not die.
And if the ocean takes you back,
Just know you'll make poor Momo cry.

I'll never forgive myself,
If I don't tell you this right now, right now.

Kingdom you ain't no lady! That's right!
You've never been no lady!
Kingdom you've never been no lady,
You are my wife,
You are my ungrateful wife.

I love you!


Masikura warns King Julien that the kingdom is sinking. King Julien tries to save his kingdom. He asks Timo to build an "Ark", which can float them to safety. He says that it has a swimming pool, basketball court, movie theatre and even a boat. Sadly, they did not have the budget, manpower and materials to make a bigger boat. Julien asks Masikura to see who goes in the boat, but she sees as none of them, including himself, saving themselves after using the boat. That night, he talks to the kingdom and sings his farewell song to his kingdom.

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