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Scene I: Central Park Zoo

Zoom to Penguin Habitat

Scene II: Inside Penguin HQ

The penguins are sleeping (and snoring) in their bunks- Rico on top, Kowalski on second, Skipper on third, and Private on bottom. A light breaks out and an alarm sound is heard.

Skipper: All hands! Intruder alert!

The penguins jumped out of their bunks and get in their combat positions. They turned and see King Julien and Mort raiding their refrigerator. Mort is holding a juice box.

King Julien: Oh, hello, neighbor.
Skipper: Hey! Those snack provisions are for authorized personal only.
King Julien: Do not worry. It is only I, King Julien, (grabs a cake) who is borrowing your delicious food for my stomach. Yes. That is it. (makes air quotes) "Borrowing."

He leaves. Skipper gives them an angry look.

Scene III: Penguin Habitat

The next morning, the penguins appeared out from the HQ, in the combat positions.

Penguins: Hi-yah!
Skipper: And kick! Punch! Chop! Mulch! Duck! Spin! Back-flip! Twirl! Bob and weave! Weave and bob. Plié! Punch! Kick! And... punch!

A golf ball hits Private on the head, and Private bumps into Kowalski. The golf ball falls in the water and Private falls flat on his face. They turn to see Julien with a bamboo golf club in his habitat. Mort puts a golf ball on a tee.

King Julien: Hello, neighbor!

He takes a swing and hits the ball.

King Julien: Fore!

Skipper catches the golf ball and, growling angrily, crushes it.

King Julien: It is okay. I have 400 more golf balls where that came from.

Mort puts another ball on the tee.

Mort: I like golf.

Julien swings, sending Mort out of the habitat.

Mort: I like flying!

Mort hits Skipper on the head and bounces into the water.

Mort: (gurgling) I don't like drowning.

Scene IV: Penguin HQ

Skipper and Kowalski are playing chess. Kowalski makes his move. Skipper makes his move.

Skipper: Hmm.

Skipper and Kowalski are startled by the TV that Julien turns on at a high volume. Maurice comes through the game board with popcorn.

Maurice: Look out. Coming through.
Skipper: What the-?

Mort jumps on the game board with the juice box.

Mort: Hello. You've run out of juice.

Skipper growls and angrily goes to Julien.

King Julien: Oh, hello, neighbor.
Skipper: What are you do-
King Julien: Shhh.
Skipper: But this is our home. Our HQ. Our inner sanctum. You can't just...
King Julien: (talking) I can't hear you. Television too loud.

A chess piece is thrown at Skipper and he sees Mort doing dance moves, scattering the chess pieces across the room. Skipper stares, then growls angrily and screams so loudly that the outside of the penguins' habitat "literally" shakes.

Scene V: Penguin HQ

The penguins are alone. Skipper paces the floor, Kowalski is at the table with a Speak and Spell, and Private and Rico are sitting on the steps. Rico is close to his doll.

Skipper: Gentlemen, we need a vacation; Vacation from that lemur.
Private: We could visit a zoo.

Holds out a brochure.

Private: They have pandas and hippos and lovely house of reptiles.
Skipper: Private, you do know we live in a zoo.
Private: But we could visit a different zoo.

Skipper glances at him.

Skipper: Rico.

Rico slaps Private.

Skipper: Kowalski, calculate the furthest trip possible from our present location.

Kowalski types on the Speak and Spell.

Kowalski: Climate?
Skipper: Unspecified.
Kowalski: Elevation?
Skipper: Unimportant.
Kowalski: Lemur population?

Close-up on Skipper's face.

Skipper: Zero point zero percent!
Kowalski: I've come up with two locations that will fit our vacation parameters.
Speak and Spell: Denmark.
Skipper: I can't set foot in Denmark.
Private: Why not, Skipper?
Skipper: Well, that's private, Private. Between me and the Danes.
Kowalski: Very well. That leaves one location.
Speak and Spell: The moon.
Skipper: Gentlemen, we are going to the moon.

Private and Rico gasp, and Rico drops his doll. Private raises his flipper and Skipper responds without looking.

Skipper: And no. There's no zoo on the moon.

Scene VI: En-Route to Rocket

The penguins, wearing fishbowls as helmets and batteries as air tanks, are walking (in slow motion.) But, it turns out they're just walking slowly.

Skipper: Well, we'll never get to the moon at this rate. Let's pick up the pace.

The penguins fast-walk to the center of the habitat to reveal a rocket, made from a garbage can, on top of bundles of dynamite.

Skipper: Men, I present to you the Penguin One.
Private: Is it safe, Skipper?

The door falls down.

Skipper: Kowalski?
Kowalski: Technically speaking, maybe.

Scene VII: Inside the rocket

The penguins are at their seats and are about to be blasted up. Rico is dozing off.

Skipper: Say goodbye to Earth, boys.

The rocket starts rumbling.

Private: But Skipper, Earth has some of my favorite things like cookies and... oxygen...
Skipper: And brown paper packages tied up with strings. Kowalski, light this candle!
Kowalski: T-minus five...

Kowalski turns a knob on a baby play set.

Kowalski: ...four...

Kowalski presses a horn.

Kowalski: ...three...

Private whimpers.

Kowalski: ...two...

Rico snores.


The fuse is lit.

Kowalski: Ignition!

Scene VIII: Exterior view

The dynamite explodes and the rocket zooms past a building and we see a pigeon landing on a TV antenna.

Scene IX: Rooftop

Pigeon: (with New York accent) Yo, Max. Do I look a little, I don't know, chunkier to you?

Max, an alley cat, looks the pigeon, throws an empty can away and walks to him.

Pigeon: I mean, I've exercising and all, but no matter how I tried, I can't get rid of all of this succulent, delicious, dark meat.

The pigeon shows his buttocks. Max stares at him and lunges for him only to miss him.

Pigeon: Psych! (laughs) Hey just give it up, hairball. You never caught a bird in your life. Never have, never will!

The pigeon flies off. Max's stomach grumbles and he moans, lays on his back, and looks up..

Max: Whoa. A shooting star. I wish... I wish for a bird that can't fly away. And... (afraid) I also wish the shooting star doesn't hit me!

The rocket heads for Max. He runs and hides in an air duct. The rocket skids ahead until it comes to a stop.

Scene X: Penguins HQ

The lemurs enter.

King Julien: Hello? Neighbors? I would like to borrow your tooth brushes to scrub my hard-to-reach regions. If you agree, say nothing at all.

Julien and Maurice put out their ears to hear, but there was no response.

Maurice: I guess they agreed.

Julien steps on the remote and the TV is turned on.

TV Announcer: This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
King Julien: And as long as we are borrowing, how about a little television, Maurice.
Maurice: You mean big television. BIG and HEAVY.
King Julien: Hmm. Good point. Let me think. OK. My brain is saying that the king, which is me, should not have to lift heavy things.

Maurice thinks it's a good idea, then the two turned to Mort.

Mort: I like heavy lifting!

They smile at each other.

Scene XI: Rooftop

The scene goes back to the building. Rico was the first out and the other penguins followed behind. Kowalski has a reading disc and Private has a flag with a penguin on it.

Skipper: Welcome to the moon, boys. Lemur population, zip. Zero. Nada. Beautiful.
Kowalski: Oxygen readings, surprisingly high. Moon cheese content...

Rico tries to lick the ground, but can't with his helmet on.

Kowalski: Disappointingly low.

Rico moans. Private puts the flag in its place.

Skipper: Private, claim this rock in the name of...

Focus on Max: Max, looking out of the air-duct, notices the Penguins and gasps.

Max: Penguins? How did penguins get up here when they...can't fly? Thank you!

He jumps up, only to hit his head on the ceiling of the air duct and falls down. The noise startles the penguins.
Focus shifts to the Penguins.

Kowalski: I'm picking up a possible alien life-form.

The penguins get to their combat positions.

Skipper: Game on, boys. Disperse and investigate.

The penguins split up, except Private, who begins walking.

Private: (looks around) Skipper? Hello? Aliens?

As Private walks, Max whizzes by. Private whimpers and continues to walk. Max runs up to him and is about to grab him, but Private bends down.

Private: Oooh. A moon rock!

Private picks it up. It's a baseball.

Private: Oh, it's just a baseball, that flew all the way to the moon!

He throws it up and the ball hits Max on the head. Private turns and yelps.

Private: Oh. Hello.

Max throws the baseball off his face and chuckles.

Max: Greetings, my little friend. Excuse me. Eh, are you a penguin?
Private: Why, yes, I am.
Max: A flightless bird? That means no flapping, no flying, no resistance.

He laughs, followed by wheezing. He licks his lips and holds out Private's flipper.

Skipper: Kudos, Private! You've discovered an alien life-form.
Max: A buffet!

He runs to them, only to step on the baseball and fall face-down.

Kowalski: Skipper, this alien is oddly catlike in structure.
Skipper: A moon cat, eh?

Max stares at them questioningly.

Max: "Moon cat?"
Skipper: Greetings, Moon Cat. We come in peace... for now.

Max gets up and Private walks to the others.

Max: You really think that you're on the moon?
Kowalski: Affirmative.
Max: Well, eh, good, because... You are! Definitely. You're on the moon. Welcome to... the moon.

Then, a helicopter sound is heard.

Max: Uh-oh! They spotted the crash! They want to take you away.

He hides behind the penguins.

Skipper: Who exactly is "they?"
Max: Eh, the, uh... the Evil Moon Warriors!
Skipper: We can take 'em.

Rico growls, preparing to fight. Max points at the helicopter's light.

Max: Yeah, but that beam is their death ray.
Skipper: "Death ray"? Phhft.

The penguins turned to their combat stances.

Skipper: Bring it on!
Max: Look! I refused to let anything happen to you guys. You're coming with me!

He grabs Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico and runs ahead.

Private: And to think he just met us.

Private follows the four and the green fog reveals the air duct that Max fell into.

Scene XII: Penguin Habitat

Back at the HQ, Mort is having trouble, trying to move the TV.

King Julien: Poor Mort. Here, let me help you. (angrily) Lift with your legs!

Mort is still pushing.

King Julien: Your TINY, TINY, LEGS!
Maurice: You know, your Majesty, I thought for sure the penguins would have this place booby-trapped.

Mort pushes the TV a bit and activates a switch. Private's 1st prize fish plaque opens and shoots out sporks. Julien runs but Mort is caught, but unharmed. He sobs and whimpers.

King Julien: Mort, I am starting to think you're not taking this job seriously.

Julien looks around the room. He touches the TV and a laundry basket fells on top of Julien and Mort, trapping them.

King Julien: Maurice!
Maurice: Hang on!

Maurice grabs Julien's hand and tries to pull him out, but tips the basket sending the lemurs to the middle on the HQ. The basket is gone. Julien laughs triumphantly briefly and a crate falls on top on them, trapping them.

Scene XIII: Max's Place

The penguins and Max are in an abandoned penthouse. The penguins are sitting at a table and Max is going through a box.

Skipper: Moon Cat, I'm touched by your hospitality.

Max laughs.

Max: Yeah. Well...

Max pulls out a knife and fork.

Max: It's time to eat!

Max laughs again.

Private: And now he's making us a meal. You, sir, are a model of kindness.

Max chuckles, puts his hand behind in the box and knocks on it.

Max: Oh my! Did you hear that? They're coming! You better use my teleportation machine to hide.

Max shows them a microwave oven.

Kowalski: Teleportation? That's pure science fiction.
Max: Which is exactly why I had to disguise it as a microwave oven. It's top secret.
Kowalski: Camouflage. Well played.

Private goes to the microwave, but is having trouble getting in because of the helmet. Max grabs Private and slams him repeatedly into the microwave oven out of frustration.

Private: It's a bit of a squeeze.
Max: Maybe if you took off the helmet!
Kowalski: This moon cat has opened his home, his heart, and his top secret technology to us.

Max walks past them.

Rico: Uh-huh.
Skipper: Ten-four on that. He's downright neighborly.

Scene XIV: Flashback

Skipper has flashbacks of the lemurs.

King Julien: (golfing) Hello, neighbor! (at the refrigerator.) Hello, neighbor. (on Skipper, in his bunk.) Hello, neighbor. (We cut to one last flashback with the lemurs watching their television, and behind Maurice and Julien, Skipper starts yells angrily.)
Skipper: (in extreme fury) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The flashbacks end....

Scene XV: Max's Place

...and Skipper looks upset and thoughtful...

Skipper: You know, Kowalski, maybe I need to sign onto Moon Cat's good neighbor policy.

Max comes back with a crowbar, a plunger, and a screwdriver. Max uses the plunger on Private, but it fails.

Max: Forget the microwave!
Private: You mean teleportation device?
Max: WHATEVER! No more fooling around. It's time.
Skipper: Moon Cat is so right! We can't fool around on the moon any longer. It is time; time to go home.

Max laughs. Then stops.

Max: Wait. What? NOOOOOO!!

Max falls to the ground.

Skipper: Thanks for everything, Moon Cat. Rico, gift him.

Rico slightly lifts his helmet off his head and spat out an open can of sardines. It lands in front of Max.

Max: (gasps) Food? For me?

Max grabs the sardines and eats them.

Max: No one's ever, ever given me a gift before.

He cries with tears of joy; then he threw up a hairball.

Max: (sheepishly) Sorry.
Skipper: You're quite welcome.

Scene XVI: The Rocket

The penguins go back to the rocket and it rumbles. They were preparing for the trip home.

Kowalski: T-minus five...

Kowalski turns a wheel.

Kowalski: ...four...

Kowalski pulls a rope.

Kowalski: ...three...

Private looks out the window.

Kowalski: ...two...

Private and Max wave goodbye to each other.


The fuse is lit and the antenna falls off.

Kowalski: Ignition!

The dynamite explodes and the rocket flies off back to the zoo. Kowalski pushes many buttons.

Skipper: Kowalski, status report.
Kowalski: I am randomly pushing buttons while we spin out of control, Skipper.
Skipper: Can I push one? I'd feel better.

Private sighs sadly and sees Rico floating weightlessly, snoring. The penguins are almost home.

Kowalski: Prepare for splashdown.

Scene XVII: Ext: The Zoo

The rocket plummets to the zoo. Instead of landing at their home, a crash sound was heard off-screen. The rocket is destroyed and the penguins emerged with broken helmets, except Skipper's and Private's. They are now back home. Kowalski sits up and shakes his head from the crash.

Kowalski: Or crash-down, as it were.

Skipper takes off his helmet and sees the lemurs, still trapped in the crate, pushing the penguins' TV to their habitat.

King Julien: Oh-ho. Hello trap-happy penguins. We were, eh, just (makes air quotes) "borrowing" your.. (angrily) No, it was Mort's idea!
Mort: Uh-oh.
Skipper: Not to worry, my ring-tailed neighbor.

The others lift the crate, freeing the lemurs.

Skipper: I've had a little attitude adjustment, thanks to my visit up there.

Skipper points up. A helicopter flies by and its searchlight beam travels down from the moon onto Max, who waves to them.

Max: Bye! Thanks for the fish!

The penguins stare.

Skipper: So, we didn't go lunar?

Kowalski pulls out his whiteboard.

Kowalski: It seems I forgot to carry the two.
Skipper: And there's no such thing as moon cat hospitality?
Rico: Mm-mm.

Skipper changed his surprise and confuse expression to anger, same with the others as they turn angrily to the lemurs, who were pushing the TV.

Skipper: Looks like we have intruders, boys. Commence Operation: Hammer Head!
King Julien: Excuse me. Hammer whose head exactly?

Rico spits out a hammer into Skipper's flipper. The lemurs scream as the penguins launch toward them yelling, "Hi-yah!". The picture freezes, ending the episode.

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