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Lemurs are the type of animal that makes up the majority of King Julien's Kingdom of Madagascar and the island of Madagascar itself. There is a wide range of species featured in both Madagascar and All Hail King Julien. They also appear in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and Merry Madagascar.

There are a few major species of lemurs that are usually separated from typical lemurs, namely the aye-ayes and the mountain lemurs.

The majority of the types of lemurs are shown below:

  • Ring-tailed lemurs (ex. King Julien)
  • Aye-ayes (ex. Maurice)
  • Mouse lemurs (ex. Mort)
  • Crowned lemurs (ex. Pancho)
  • Crowned sifakas
  • Common brown lemurs
  • Black and white ruffed lemurs (ex. Hector)
  • Mongoose lemurs (ex. Dorothy)
  • Blue-eyed black lemurs (ex. Horst)
  • Golden bamboo lemurs (ex. Ted)
  • Mountain lemurs/Indris (ex. Koto)
  • Red ruffed lemurs
  • White headed lemurs (ex. Becca)