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  • Skipper, Private, Kowalski, Marlene and Burt are the only ones to say his name so far.
  • Since koalas are nocturnal, Leonard sleeps in the day and wakes up at night. When Private first meets him, he woke up as the sun sets. When Private comes back at the next day, the sun was up and Leonard was sleeping, which Private thinks he scared him to unconsciousness. When Private carries Leonard to the Penguins' habitat, Kowalski reveals that he is nocturnal, so Private tries to take him back before the sun sets, but Rico spot the sun setting so Leonard wakes up. In the city, the Penguins took all night to get him back. When Rico spots the sun rising, they try to outrun it, but it catches them and Leonard sleeps. Back at the Zoo, the sun sets and Leonard spots Marlene, freaking in fear and runs away.
  • Leonard's picture can be briefly seen in Right Hand Man and made a cameo appearance in Pets Peeved and The Big Move, though he had no speaking role.
  • After his habitat is blown up and is transferred to the kangaroo habitat, he freaks out when he sees Joey. What's ironic is that koalas and kangaroos are from Australia and Leonard and Joey probably forgot about Australian life, even though they became friends in the end.
  • Interestingly, most of his appearances have the word "NIGHT" in its episode title, (Night and Dazed), (Nighty Night Ninja), (The Most Dangerous Game Night), (Night of the Vesuviuses), in addition, his appearances to the episodes mentioned above gives him the only time wherein he has dialogue with other characters and can either give him a starring role or a featuring role. The only exception to this would be (Kanga Management).
  • In Kanga Management, it was shown that he likes to play the bagpipes.
  • Leonard is a sleep fighter and takes down most of the zoo including Joey, Burt and The Rat King in Nighty Night Ninja
  • Leonard and Joey both dislike the Penguins.

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