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King Julien wants to drive the penguins' car, but the penguins refuse. So, he steals Alice's zoo kart and challenges the penguins to a race: winner takes the loser's car.


The penguins are test driving their toy car around. A very bored King Julien sees them and wants to drive their car. When Skipper denies his request, Julien just steals Alice's zoo cart and challenges the penguins to a race after he calls their car "babyish" and Skipper bets that it can "run circles around that monstrosity".

The penguins transform their car into a hot rod. They race King Julien whom cheats by having Mort and Maurice throw/spit bowling balls/chewing gum at the penguins. Rico uses explosive beans as a rocket to get take the lead but Phil throws a banana peal on the track causing them to spin out and stop just ahead of the finish line. King Julien wins the race. He crashes the zoo cart into a wall. But knowing that he won, he takes the penguins car and tries out a "pushy button" with his face on it. This button turns out to be a lemur ejection switch, an idea by Kowalski and he is thrown out of the car into the air and lands on the ground.


  • The Wheels on Thunder - Bret Michaels (This wasn't sung by the characters, it was only played in the background)
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