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Marlene is dying to attend a concert in the park featuring her favorite musician, Enrico Guitaro, and seeks help from the penguins because she is unable to leave the zoo without going feral.


The penguins are rehearsing Rico's play when Marlene enters, sad that her inability to leave the zoo without going wild will prevent her from seeing Enrico Guitaro's, her favourite Spanish guitar player performance in the park. Everyone turns to Kowalski, asking if he's invented something beneficial to Marlene's dilemma. As he mumbles incoherently, Skipper, knowing everything that happens in his team, translates that he's invented the Persona-Disentanglizer to contain Marlene's savage impulses. Kowalski says that, while it may be theoretically possible, he wonders if it's a good thing philosophically. Regardless, Marlene uses the machine on herself and is finally able to leave the zoo without going wild.

However, this complete separation from her feral side renders Marlene excessively afraid of everything. The penguins have to take her back to the zoo, but when they return they discover that the other half of Marlene had escaped from the Persona-Disentanglizer after taking physical form and is now terrorizing the city. The news then turns on, revealing that Marlene's savage side, dubbed "Littlefoot" by the media, is on a rampage. Skipper says they must catch Littlefoot to recombine Marlene (as Private and Marlene cower at his feet).

Meanwhile, Officer X is watching the news. Though Animal Control promises to reel in Littlefoot, X says that he will catch the monster to get back his job, correctly suspecting that the penguins are responsible for its appearance.

The penguins follow the trail of destruction and find the feral Marlene. Skipper suspects that the feral half is like their Marlene, so he plays the guitar, soothing the beast. Unfortunately, Officer X captures Littlefoot, brings it to Animal Control and is subsequently rehired.

When nervous Marlene is then brought to the animal control facility so that Kowalski can rejoin her with her violent half, Littlefoot does not attack Marlene and is instead befuddled by her. X then loses his job again when Rico waddles out just as Littlefoot was to be shown on TV. On the way back to the zoo, Skipper then suggests to Marlene that the whole Littlefoot situation was a ruse to convince Marlene that she had the power to control herself all along.