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  • This is the second episode where we see Private use the quantum hyper cute, even though he swore he would never use it again which makes it the first time he swore. The other time High Moltage. This is also the first time he tried and failed and the second time he used it on Marlene.
  • Officer X makes a comeback in this episode trying to getting his old job back, but lost it again.
  • When X got his job, Kowalski said that he was doing a "horrendously embarrassing robot victory dance".
  • Marlene's feral problem is finally fixed.
  • First time Skipper is shown playing a instrument (Spanish guitar).
  • Skipper is said to have spent 8 years in the jungles of Mexico and that is how he learned to play the Spanish guitar. (and he picked up a few things)
  • When Kowalski laughs, you can hear him snort.
  • This is the first episode Kowalski says something as if they'll all die horribly: "We cry like babies while we're being ripped limb from limb." after Marlene accidentally unlocked Littlefoot.
  • Interestingly, Marlene doesn't seem to be afraid of Rico at all, and seems to find his presence supportive.
  • This episode is named after the name of the character from The Land Before Time series.

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