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King Julien tries to rig an election so that Maurice becomes Mango Prime Minister but soon realizes his opponent, Mort, has a better shot than everyone thinks.


Clover and Julien was playing a game, where Maurice comes in an upset mood. KJ asks Clover whether he looks different from usual, Clover asks to "define" usual. Julien thinks whether it was the talk he had with him last night, at a party. Then Clover suggests him to give Maurice a job by winning an election over a "rude". Then KJ suggest Mort to be the other contestant, where he gives out that there to have an election to choose a prime minster of mango. Then both Maurice and Mort are happy, but something bad is to happen. Inside Mort's mind, all the Mort versions held a meeting to think how to win the election. Here, Political Mort comes and takes over Mort's control. He becomes a filthy politician in the next few days and winning the kingdom over Maurice.

At the plane, Clover and Julien are sad about Maurice's position in the election campaign, and Clover gives out that they must do something to shame him, so his voters will fall off. They shoot what he does in the toilet but it goes as something that increased his fame, not decrease. Meanwhile, something horrible was happening as fruit flies where catching lemurs and was to feed them to their babies. Hector sees this and decides to warn the kingdom. The kingdom was at the campaign where Hector warns them. Mort says not believe him but they to when they see the flies. However, they take the whole kingdom except Maurice and Julien. They goes into the cave and tries to save them. Unfortunately, KJ also gets stuck in the green paste. In Mort's head, the other Morts had taken sticks and was flogging Political Mort. Then they hear KJ's shriek, and decides to call Chain saw Mort where KJ cuts through the green paste and frees the kingdom.

But the eggs hatch and they had to run for their lives. They meet the flies where Maurice takes them away. Maurice then uses his musk gland and defeats the flies. At the kingdom, they have the voting. Clover and Julien are startled to see that Mort has won. Suddenly, Mort becomes a fly and goes away. Then KJ gives out that what is the use of a kingdom if someone can't rig an election. Maurice is shocked and KJ says sorry. Mo Mo says he didn't want these stuff. The episode ends when Hector smashes a fly and says, "Idiots"

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