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Private begins sabotaging missions so he can spend more time with the zoo's nurse intern.


After Private is scratched and bruised when a mission involving parasailing goes painfully awry, the other penguins leave him at the veterinary office. Once there, Private soon starts to fall head over heels in love with Shawna, the new intern who finds Private very cute (but of course still thinks of him as a penguin).

Once fixed up, Private wants to see Shawna again. The easiest way to do this is by getting injured, and he requests from Skipper to give the mission another try, with the other penguins feeling very proud of him. This time though, Private deliberately gets himself injured to see Shawna again - and over and over again. Eventually though, the Penguins become suspect of his bad luck, and sneak into the vet's office to confront him.

When Private refuses to give up his crush on Shawna, the penguins enter a scuffle, but Shawna walks in, and instantly suspects the three larger penguins of bullying Private. Capturing the Penguins with some martial arts (with Skipper admitting that "the lady has her charms"), she diagnoses them with "Avian Insanity Fever" and gives each one a shot - and then tells Private that he need never have to share a habitat with them again, intending to send them away.

Not wanting to lose his friends however, Private feigns having the illness in order for Shawna to treat him as she would the rest. Disgusted that she might have caught the disease from him, Shawna runs out of the room and Private frees his friends, apologizing for being so foolish, and the doped-up penguins forgive him easily. The episode ends with Shawna coming back into the exam room to give Private a shot to cure the “Avian Insanity Fever” and Private is caught off guard after he got the vaccination.