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Episode based

  • It is the Valentine's Day episode of 2011.
  • An X-ray of Skipper's broken flipper from I Was a Penguin Zombie is visible on a wall in the zoo hospital.
  • While most doctors offices have a map of the human body on display, the zoo animal hospital has a map of a ringtail lemur's body on the wall.
  • The periodic table of elements seems to be partially correct but is missing a few elements and has a few elements in the wrong position.
  • Another mention of Doris the Dolphin is mentioned (Fourth time, actually) in the episode.
  • Manfredi and Johnson are mentioned in this episode. However, this is the first time their deaths weren't directly discussed. Skipper did mention, however, that the accident involved Chinese lanterns and rocket fuel. Kowalski then says "worst talent show ever." Also the second time (or third if you count Command Crisis) that Kowalski has confirmed a Manfredi and Johnson story.
  • When Private is electrocuted after hitting the power lines, this shouldn't be able to happen. You would only get electrocuted if you touch two or more lines at once, if you touch a line and also touch the ground, or touch a line and also touch something touching the ground (such as a transmission tower). This is why in real life, a bird can sit on power lines without being electrocuted.
  • This is the second time it's revealed that an animal in the zoo has a secret tattoo. In "Truth Ache", Burt was revealed to have a tattoo, but in "Love Hurts", it's revealed that Kowalski has a tattoo.
  • Second time Rico says "FIIIIISH!" in an opera voice, just like what he did in "Go Fish".
  • It was Rico's wild behaviour that concluded in Shawna making the diagnosis of Avian Insanity Fever.
  • Antagonist: Skipper, Kowalski and Rico
  • Protagonist: Private and Shawna

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

Behind the Scenes

  • Even though Nick lists this as episode "b" it was shown first.

DVD Releases

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