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We'd love to affiliate with any other wikis across Fandom. We display ours affiliates' wordmarks on the main page of Madagascar Wiki, and also provide links to our affiliates' wikis.

Interested in affiliating with us? Here's how you can do it.


1. Contact an administrator requesting for an affiliation.
2. In your request, please include at least these information regarding your wiki:
  • Site name and link to the wiki.
  • A link to your wiki's wordmark.
  • A link to where you will display your list of affiliates.
3. Your request shall be evaluated and considered by the Madagascar Wiki Administration, and we will reply as soon as possible.
  • If your request has been accepted, we will display your wiki's wordmark on our main page and include your wiki in our list of affiliates.
  • If your request has been rejected, we will specify why it was rejected and in select cases, explain how you can adjust it to make your request eligible for a reconsideration.

Affiliation Guidelines

  • Your wiki must be an established English wiki that is suitable for children of the age of 13 years and above.
  • Your wiki must have a wordmark.
  • Your home page must be decent-looking and convenient for navigation.
  • Request must be sent from a person in the wiki's administration, or has been agreed upon by anybody in the administration.
  • After the affiliation request has been accepted, you must display our wiki wordmark in your affiliates list.
    • If a wordmark hasn't been added to your affiliates list a week upon the start of the affiliation, we will inform you and remind you to add the wordmark, or we will add it by ourselves if possible.
    • If by one week we do not receive any sort of response from you or anyone else in your wiki's administration or moderation team, the affiliation shall be considered void and we will remove your wordmark on our site.

Affiliation Services

  • Wordmark display on our main page with a link to your wiki.
  • Certain technical and wiki design help.
  • Advice on anything regarding your wiki.

If you're interested in affiliating with us, feel free to contact an administrator and send a request, we'd be more than glad to affiliate with you!

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