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NOTE: This event has already ended. Feel free to read the recap post here:
All Hail King Julien Week: A Recap
All Hail King Julien Week is a week-long community project organised by the Madagascar Fandom where fans all across the world will dedicate the entire week to All Hail King Julien, in conjunction with the 5th anniversary of the swagnificent series. This event shall be running from the 13th to the 19th of December 2019 across all social media, and every day of the week shall have their own themes or prompts for the community to base their daily content on.

All Hail King Julien Week is an event that shall run from 13th to 19th December, where during this duration of time fans shall dedicate the week for All Hail King Julien, by posting things related to the series across any social media, with the tag #AHKJweek2019. Each day of the week shall have a theme or prompt to base daily contents on, and on the day of the 5th anniversary itself, that is on the 19th of December 2019 there shall be a free day where participants can post on whatever topic they want, without having to follow a certain theme. Even on the themed days, participants are not restricted only to certain themes and can explore on their own creative ideas.

For this project, Madagascar Wiki serves as a platform of promotion as well as a place for people to share their content through the discussions feature.

Throughout the span of seven days, All Hail King Julien Week shall have its daily themes, all based on the spirit of the show. These themes are:

  • Day 1: Party (Friday, December 13th)
  • Day 2: Family (Saturday, December 14th)
  • Day 3: Villains (Sunday, December 15th)
  • Day 4: Weirdness (Monday, December 16th)
  • Day 5: Romance (Tuesday, December 17th)
  • Day 6: Memories (Wednesday, December 18th)
  • Day 7: Free Day (Thursday, December 19th)
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All Hail King Julien Week is a collaborative project ran by the Madagascar Fandom, and coordinated by Purple Walskurco. You can find more information on the announcement post here.

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Project organisers:

  • Purple Walskurco - Global lead, Tumblr lead
    Contact: purplewalskurco @ Tumblr
  • Brendan Boman - Wiki & promotions manager
    Contact: Brendan Boman @ Madagascar Wiki
  • Samantha - Twitter lead
    Contact: holymangos @ Twitter

This community project is run by the Madagascar Fandom in partnership with Madagascar Wiki under the Community Events Partnership Program

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