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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted: Original Motion Picture Score is a list of songs that can be viewed at Hans and YouTube and has all the tracks from the film. Go to Hans for all the info on these tracks.

Songs and Tracks

  1. Opening
  2. Bad Dream and New York City Suprise
  3. I Wish We Could go Home
  4. Chimp Hotel
  5. Clandestine Monte Carlo
  6. Gonna Make You Sweat (Every Body Dance Now) - Danny Jacobs
  7. I'm Gonna Lead
  8. Casino Escape
  9. If You ever Want to Be My Lover
  10. Meet DeBois
  11. Luxury Assault
  12. Captain DeBois on the Scene
  13. Monte Carlo Chase part 1
  14. Monte Carlo Chase part 2
  15. King Julien is Saved
  16. Monte Carlo Chase part 3
  17. We Gotta Go Home
  18. The Fuzz-Meet the Circus
  19. Knife Sting
  20. Vitaly
  21. Meet Sonja
  22. DeBois Tracks down the Zoosters
  23. Rome
  24. Backstage Rome
  25. Con Te Partiro
  26. Meet Gia
  27. Where There's smoke There is a Lion
  28. Saber Dance
  29. Saber Dance Reprise
  30. DeBois' Escape
  31. Where's Alex?
  32. Vitaly's Story
  33. Phase 4-7B
  34. The Circus is Here
  35. Non Je Ne Regrette Rien Backing Track
  36. Cannonball
  37. Training Montage Alex and Gia
  38. Training Montage Part 2
  39. Training Montage End
  40. Love Ballad
  41. Circus Train
  42. London
  43. Alex Encourages Vitaly
  44. Fireworks Sweetener
  45. London Celebration - Dubois On The Hung
  46. Julien and Sonja break up
  47. Back to New York City
  48. Return to the Central Park Zoo
  49. DeBois and the Venom
  50. Circus to the Rescue
  51. Rescue Stefano
  52. Afro Circus/I Like To Move It (Score Version) (referred to as AfroCircus - Move It in list) - Chris Rock and Sacha Baron Cohen
  53. Gonna Make You Sweat (Every Body Dance Now)(Album Version)
  54. Wannabe - Danny Jacobs
  55. Hot in Herre - Danny Jacobs
  56. Afro Circus/I Like To Move It (Album Version) - Chris Rock and Danny Jacobs
  57. Chimp Hotel Source (Alternate)
  58. Dubois Tracks Zoosters (Alternate)
  59. Saber Dance (Alternate)
  60. Dubois & The Venom (Alternate)