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Celebrating 10 Years of The Penguins of Madagascar

After an entire spooky month of October with a bunch of night creatures and penguin zombies lurking about, we have finally reached the month of November 2018, where ten years ago from now, the very first episode of The Penguins of Madagascar was premiered on Nickelodeon for the first time ever. Ever since then, the fandom has grown largely, and until today, it is still a strong and amazing community that has lasted for 10 years.

The Madagascar Wiki decides to celebrate this wonderful event throughout the entire month of November. With the entire Wiki adapted to fit The Penguins of Madagascar's theme, we aim to have a brilliant and unforgettable month, celebrating the 10th anniversary of this very special series and community.

There will be multiple events and goodies all across the entire month, so be sure to stay tuned for those!

And as 29th November approaches, we shall begin working on cleaning the entire Wiki, especially The Penguins of Madagascar pages, in preparation of this very special event. It will also help us to get the Wiki prepared for the potential upcoming instalment, Madagascar: A Little Wild, which we will possibly hear some news about in the near future.

TPoM Week


In celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Penguins of Madagascar, the Madagascar fandom will be holding a week-long fandom event on all social medias called TPoM Week; a week where all fanguins all across the world dedicate the moment for the amazing TV series that we love. The event which will begin on Sunday, 25th of November 2018, will have 7 daily themes for participants to optionally follow when posting any sort of fanart, fanfic, or whatever they want to.

More information on this event can be found on Madagascar Fandom Projects Coordinator, Brendan's Tumblr, here.

10 Years of TPoM Social Media Icons

In conjunction with the 10th anniversary of The Penguins of Madagascar, the Madagascar Wiki prepares 8 social media icons for you to use on the Wiki and/or any other social medias.

All users are free to use the icons without the need of crediting.
Don't see your favourite TPoM character there? Contact Brendan to request for a custom icon!