A Message from King Julien

King Julien (All Hail King Julien)
Hello my peoples! King Julien here, that's me, has a very important announcement to make. This place is boring and lacks decoration! Fill it up with fancy words and pretty pictures, or how mister serious face Maurice calls them "facts and informations" or whatever. *laughs* So go on, fancy up this pretty place and "contribute", whatever that means. If you wanna join our magnificent party, talk to chunky thighs Maurice, he can show you how. Oh, I almost forgot! Clover insisted me to tell you to stay safe and secure when browsing the internet and also to follow the rules. You should see her if you really want to know more. For any queries, ask the fabulous admins Anna or Brendan.

Now leave, I have very important kingly duties to do! MORT NO, GET OUT OF HERE!

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