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"From this day forward, I will be known as... the Magic King!"
~Magic Steve [source]

Physical Appearance

Just like the episode in Body Double the same, Magic Steve has been confused with King Julien due to his lookalike of the latter. Magic Steve is a completely lookalike of King Julien, only he has no crown, is slightly portlier, and he sometimes wears his magic suit. In the ending of The End is Here, when Magic Steve is dancing along with deceased characters, his eyes are blue.


Magic Steve is a character from All Hail King Julien. His first appearance was from the episode, "Body Double". Due to him looking like King Julien, he was employed as his body double for a visit with the crocodiles. However, he attempted to murder King Julien by pushing him off of a cliff, after King Julien accidentally told him that he could probably go back to the kingdom with the crown and nobody could tell the difference.


He was eaten by the angry Crocodile Ambassador hours later.

Life after Death

He made a second appearance along with the other ghosts during King Julien's trial in the afterlife, where a disgruntled Steve, along with the other villains confront him. His third and final appearance was in the episode "The Day Before Tomorrow" where he appears as a ghost during the victory celebration along with the others that King Julien 'killed'.


Even though he is only seen as a participating character in two episodes (Body Double and For Whom the Bell Gods Toll), we are still able to gather some information about him, and his personality.

Steve is obviously very ambitious, wishing to make a name for himself. But being practically identical to King Julien means that when people see him as lesser than their king, they see him only as a 'Nobody'. After putting up with this for a long time, Magic Steve eventually became driven by anger and frustration, that he became devious, causing him during his 'training' with King Julien, to push his now enemy off the cliff. Luckily, our king survived (of course), but it also seems that Steve isn't that great of an actor, messing up slightly during his charade and causing suspicion with Maurice when he said 'please'. But seeing as the kingdom is not highly intelligent, they obviously didn't notice, and neither did Maurice until Steve called Mort his 'new best friend'. Mort didn't notice either, only taking advantage of the situation and thinking that King Julien was finally warming up to him. But when it became clear he wasn't and it was only an 'imposter', he ran off into the jungle crying, only to return later and try hug 'The Feet' again.

He (Magic Steve) is obviously very passionate about magic, even though according to Julien he is 'so bad at magic'. But out of the entire kingdom he seems to be the only one who has an interest in this, as when posing as King Julien, preparing to do a magic show, nobody (except for Mort) seems that excited about it. This only angers Steve, mostly scaring everyone to 'like' his show, until Julien finally shows up to confront him; not only about pushing him off the cliff, but also about what his 'skills' really are like.


King Julien

He is constantly getting confused by King Julien due to his appearance like him. King Julien doesn't seem to be amused by his appearance. Driven with resentment and frustration towards Julien and blaming him for everyone confusing him with the wrong guy, Magic Steve, tries to get his revenge on Julien, by pushing him off of the cliff. He is enemies with King Julien. Even after death, he still continues to hold grudge against Julien, as seen in For Whom the Bell Gods Toll, where a disgruntled Steve meets Julien (who accidentally blows and kills himself while searching for Maurice) in Frank-ri-la and blames him for letting him to be eaten by the crocodile.

Crocodile Ambassador

Crocodile Ambassador was responsible for the death of Magic Steve.