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Masikura is a recurring character from the TV series All Hail King Julien and a minor character in it's sequel series. She is ill-tempered, mean, no-nonsense, cranky and grumpy.


Masikura is a physic chameleon who appears once you call her. She sticks her tongue on your head and analyzes you for predictions or reading thoughts. You should understand her prophecies precisely literally! (In the prophecy that says "The one who wears the crown tomorrow will get eaten," King Julien only got bit, as the prophecy did not say that all of him would get eaten.)

She was first seen in the movie, but was called 'Masikuro', meaning in the movie, she was originally a he. She was also called Masikuro on the B= (pronounced 'Be equal') 'Madagascar' computer game, as well as the preview of the game on the 'Madagascar' DVD. In the movie, it is seen she (or rather 'he') writes the records for the lemurs meetings, and is seen with no spots on her back.


She has colorful red, yellow, and purple spots on her back, as well as on her tail and legs. She has yellow circles by her temples to mimick earrings.

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