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The penguins figure out who has been stealing from the zoo animals and force him to do good deeds.


King Julien is about to begin a night time dance party when he realizes that his boom-box is missing. The belongings of other animals being disappearing too. Some of the items stolen include Joey's shrub and the gorillas' tire swing.

The animals are outraged and call a zoo meeting. The penguins are taking the news calmly until Rico informs them that someone has stolen their TV. Skipper becomes furious by this and declares that they're gonna nail the thief to the wall.

They set a trap and find out the crook is a masked raccoon dressed like Robin Hood, self-named "The Archer". The penguins try to catch him but the raccoon is too quick and the penguins are forced to chase him through the zoo.

The penguins eventually catch him and bring them to their headquarters for interrogation. The Archer admits that he has been taking all of the other animals possessions. However, he steals from the zoo animals because that animals outside of the zoo have nothing. The penguins change their mind about the thief and decide to help him. They explain the situation to the other animals around the zoo and get donates from all of them.

The penguins give the giant sack of assorted food to the Archer and he disappears into the night. Private believes The Archer is a hero and someone he can look up to, so he takes his butterscotch lollipop out of a safe. The penguins leave the zoo and ask Fred the squirrel if he knows The Archer. Fred points them to a shack where Archie lives and the penguins head over there.

The penguins overhear someone arguing with The Archer and rush in to help him. However, they find The Archer, who is now talking with a thick New York accent, enjoying all of the goods he stole. Archie tries to escape, but Private takes him down with the butterscotch lollipop.

Skipper ask Kowalski to Hurt Option which he choose Croatian purple nurple then Skipper call Rico to punish him. Private asking Archie at bow point to help the needy.




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