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  • In I, Maurice, it was revealed that Maurice's birthname is "Bricky".
  • In the concept art for the original film, Maurice can be seen carrying some kind of staff or cane. He used one for the entirety of the episode in Right Hand Man.
  • Maurice may have bad cooking skills, since in The Helmet, King Julien made horrible jokes out of it (which Mort strangely found funny).
  • It is possible that Maurice has a crush on Darla, as in Out of the Groove he was apparently bewitched by her dancing and was staring at her with a smile on his face. Also, he did not seem to want to argue and/or fight with Darla, as he suggested that they try and work things out.
  • Maurice doesn't exactly like King Julien, although he is eternally loyal to him. These are the examples:
  • Whispers and Coups—Kowalski states that Maurice is "extraordinary intelligent for a mammal" as the penguins show stereotypes on mammals.
  • As seen in Mort Unbound, he is left-handed.
  • He is quite fond of doing the robot.
  • Friend-in-a-Box: Maurice is shown to be very talented with yo-yo's.
  • According to Cedric the Entertainer, Maurice's voice actor in the movies, Maurice and Julien are cousins. This explains both why he puts up with King Julien, and why he was so happy when King Julien 'died' in the third film, as it probably would have meant he was the new king. It was also stated in King Me that he and Uncle King Julien are the last of Julien's relatives. It was eventually revealed in a later episode that Maurice was adopted by Julien's parents.
  • Aye-ayes have longer fingers, but Maurice's fingers are different.
  • Like Mort's, Maurice's fur grows lighter and the fluff in his tail disappears throughout the franchise.
  • He is the only lemur who has 5 fingers.
  • His nickname is Mo-Mo.
    • Mo-Mo is also the name of a lemur from Avatar.
  • considers himself big-boned, not fat.
  • He is the shown to be The Chosen One of the snails, aka the Bell Gods, who live undergound. Their prophecy says that he is the one who will end snail consumption by humans.
  • Even though Maurice is said not to be a lemur, he technically is; aye-ayes are a part of the lemur family.
  • Maurice is the only one of the lemurs not to appear in Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie.
  • Just like King Julien, Maurice has a fruit and vegetable replica of himself.
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