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When Mason and Phil mistakenly make all the other zoo animals believe, from a half-printed paper they found in Alice's office, that Maurice has a disease called "Ofu-Olosega" and he has twenty-four hours left to live before his death, the penguins must race against time to bring to him the cure for the disease, the Dendrobium Orchid, before tomorrow comes.


While searching for cat videos on Alice's computer, a fax with catastrophic news is printed; Maurice, a zoo worker, has only 24 hours to live. Mason and Phil showed the fax to the penguins by mistakening the lemur Maurice for the zoo worker Maurice and stating that it says that he has a disease called "Ofu-Olosega", and they believed the monkeys out for themselves. In order to make Maurice's assumed final day more comfortable, the entire zoo bands together. Even King Julien pampers him. Maurice has no idea why everyone is so nice to him and relishes in all the attention. Meanwhile, the penguins hurry over to the florist shop for the Dendrobium Orchid, which they belive that it could cure Maurice. It took all night to get the flower and when they got back, they thought Maurice was gone. But Maurice was just sleeping and the animals hear that the zoo worker Maurice has 24 hours to live on the island of Ofu-Olosega. Later, Julien is tricked about taking care of Maurice and chases him down. Rico puts the flower on his doll and is set for the prom.