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  • This may have been Kowalski's first kiss... well it's about time!
  • This is the Blue Hen's debut.
  • Kowalski's dancing has gotten better since Cute-Astrophe.
  • The Hen-Kowalski pairing (Henwalski, maybe?) isn't the most weird pairing yet, considering that the Hen is of the avian family (unlike Private/Nurse Shauna), alive (unlike Rico/Ms Perky or Skipper/Bobble-head Doll), not a possible serial killer suspect (Skipper/Kitka) or one of their friends in disguise ('Arlene'/everyone else). This of course, is nothing compared to the unofficial fan-shipping.
  • Alice's greatest desire: a suitcase of small bills, her own reality TV series and 5 minutes alone with sportscaster Scooter Alvarez.
  • This is the second mention of sportscaster Scooter Alvarez, the first was Command Crisis.
  • This is Kowalski's first solo song. (He sang Graveyard 8 with Rico, sang a bit on We Are The Penguins, sang with the zoo with everyone in the zoo etc)
  • It's been shown that Skipper thinks females are somewhat weak and need protecting, yet he suggest Kowalski punch the Hen.
  • There is now a shown total of 9 girls in the zoo. Marlene, Darla and her 2 girls, Pinky, Shelly, Becky, Stacy and now the Hen.
  • The Hen was either in the petting zoo or she had her own habitat this whole episode.
  • Though it should be somewhat obvious, in reality, there is no doomsday button or weapon that is activated by a red button in the Oval Office of the White House, when Skipper said "Barnyard Jane with her finger on the doomsday button" and a computer said in the hallucination: "Initiate end of the world."
  • Kowalski's inventions from previous episodes, namely the Lov-u-Laser, the Stopwatch, and the Shrink Ray, are mentioned in this episode. The Shrink Ray by now is the invention that has appeared in the most episodes thus far (All Choked Up, Jiggles, The Big Move, Our Man in Grrfurjiclestan)
    • The Lov-u-Laser apparently still exists despite having been incinerated at the end of Loathe at First Sight, while the Stopwatch is referred to as "the watch that stops time". Both oddities are likely for the sake of humor, highlighting the hypocrisy of Kowalski claiming he is a man of "sound, scientific principles" despite several of his inventions breaking basic scientific laws, with the Lov-u-Laser being a particularly notable example and the Stopwatch being referred to as "the watch that stops time" allowing viewers who haven't seen Time Out to get the joke (and not get confused with its oversimplified name like King Julien did in that episode).
    • The Korean dub fixes the continuity error by removing mention of the Lov-u-Laser and only alluding to the Stopwatch.
  • The sports-predicting ability may have been inspired by Paul the Octopus, who at the World Cup 2010 correctly predicted many of the matches.

Foul Ups, Bloops & Blunders

  • After the hen picks the bowl with the slim boxer, the pile of chicken feed is unequal to the other bowl, but in the next shot where the humans begin walking away, both bowls are filled with the same height of chicken feed
  • In Skipper's hallucination of the cause of the end of the world, The hen sat on the doomsday button, but when she lifted up and there was an egg on top of the button. Normally, you can notice chickens suddenly jerk upward as the eggs come out, but there was no jerk upward.
  • Kowalski tells Private to put the Shrink Ray next to the Love-U-Laser, but it was destroyed in Loathe at First Sight

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