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 Marty: Candied yams from Sylvia's. That's what I want for Christmas.
Gloria: And I can't wait to get back to my hippo pool and that sweet smell of
Melman: And I can't wait to see Dr. Maneesh, greatest kyropractor ever.
Alex: As for me, I just want to see snow fall down on my beautiful city. New 
      York, here we come!

Skipper: Shake it off, Private. She may look like a tall drink of water, but 
         she'll spit you out like a cup of bad eggnog.

Gloria: [after the sleigh crashes] What kind of landing was that?
Skipper: Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing.

Cupid: I grow tired of your reindeer games! We want to be bipolar.

Santa: King Julien, you are officially off the naughty list.
King Julien: What? No! You can't take me off the naughty list! I *am* the 
             naughty list! What's the naughty list?

Abby: This is the best Christmas ever!

Alex: I shot down Santa.
Marty: Oh, you gonna be on the Naughty List for sure now!

Skipper: That's an out-right Christmas lie with all the trimmings!

Maurice: Thank you. On behalf of His Majesty, a Merry Julianuary.

Skipper: On my command, kick 'em in the bells!

Skipper: It's a Cold War that dates back centuries. You see, Santa used to be
         based in the South Pole.
Lead Reindeer: Oh, this again? Santa chose North Pole fair and square.
Kowalski: Oh, please. They bribed him with candy canes and cheap Elf labor.
Lead Reindeer: That's it! Let's go!

King Julien: What's so special about Julianuary if everyone gets to have 

Alex: I don't know. Why can't we just use the front door?
Marty: Come on! How hard can it be? Melman, you're up!
Melman: But I'm claustrophobic.
Marty: Yeah? Well now you could be Santa Claustrophobic. Now dive, fool! 
       Dive! Dive! Dive!

Lead Reindeer: We meet again, South Polars!
Skipper: North Polars!

King Julien: You see, Julianuary is all about the joy of giving... to me!

Skipper: Way to drop the ball, you hippie freak.
Alex: Me? Melman was the one who lost it in the chimney.

King Julien: Hello? Haven't you ever heard of knocking? I could've been 
             naked in here.

King Julien: Making her happy makes me feel happy. It gives me a warm, tingly 
             feeling inside. Like pin worms!

Gloria: Wait a minute. These presents are for us!
Alex: What?
Marty: Candied yams from Sylvia's! And they're still warm! They're still warm!
Gloria: An inflatable hippo pool with chlorine! [sniffs chlorine] Ahh, 
        that's the stuff.
Melman: Doctor Maneesh's neck massager!
Gloria: What did you get, Alex?
Alex: [Holds a snow globe of New York City] Snow falling down on my beautiful
      city. How did Santa know?
Marty: That's why he's Santa. He's the best.

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