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The penguins are challenged by the sewer rats to a game of ice hockey. When they lose, they must enlist the lemurs' help to win their home back.


The sewer rats challenge the penguins in a game of hockey. They lose and they have to leave their ice. They go to lemurs habitat and practice hockey over there. The lemurs want to play, so the penguins test out their skills. They do terrible, so Skipper makes them cheerleaders instead.

They soon challenge the rats to another game and soon begin winning. The rats decide to injure penguins so they would have to forfeit.

They first injure Private, by sending him flying through the air. Private lands in the porcupine habitat, taking many needle injuries - although Private notes that the porcupines were very apologetic. So the penguins pick Maurice to take his position.

Kowalski then pauses to calculate trajectories of the puck, but is slammed down by the Rat King, in which causes him to get mental problems, and unable to play. So they pick Mort to take his position.

When trying to save Mort from the Rat King, Skipper is hit into a wall so hard that he leaves a dent. Julien is their last choice as a substitute to finish the game. Only Rico, the goalie, is left unscathed.

With the other penguins out of the game, the rats soon start scoring again but the lemurs and penguins win when a rat skates over King Julien's foot. He freaks out and fires a box full of pucks at the rats, eventually causing the Rat King to forfeit the game.


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