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King Julien tries to convince Rico that “misfortune cookie” curses are real.


The zoo orders Chinese food, which they pay for with quarters from the zoo fountain. When Rico gets a fortune cookie that says "You will soon meet with a F-O-W-L end.", which made Rico and everyone else think that it is a F-O-U-L end. King Julien tries warning Rico to heed his "misfortune cookie", his friends tell him it's a silly superstition. But he decides to make the Penguins believe there is a curse on Rico by actually hurting him.

The next day, Rico encounters a number of mishaps, which included the habitat's water being drained, a snack cart running him over, and Burt suddenly falling out of the sky and landing on him. This results in him believing in the curse of the fortune and he hides within a pillow fort.

The other three Penguins are not convinced that it's supernatural bad luck at work and investigate. They determine that the snack cart was pushed, Burt was hit with a needle and lemur fur is found at their habitat. Skipper licks the fur, determining it to be full of hair products. They then confront Julien, accusing him of being behind these mishaps. Julien initially denies it, before Maurice turns up with a snake to bite Rico. After confessing his guilt, Julien is forced to tell Rico the truth, but Rico doesn't believe him and stays inside a pillow fortress.

The Penguins and Julien decide to hold a fake curse breaking ceremony. The other lemurs and Marlene helped, King Julien wears his curse-breaking crown and makes Rico go through three terrible trials. First, the Journey of a Thousand Tears (walking the path of the tikis, while peeling an onion and being smacked by fishes). Second, the Journey of a Thousand Burdens (carrying heavy things and whistling while he does so). Third, the Trampling by a Thousand Rhinos (being trampled by Roy, the zoo's one rhino, a thousand times; slight glitch and Julien lost count). Finally Rico is pronounced curse free. Rico believes that he's cured.

On the way back to their habitat, a male duck lands on Rico's face, apologizes, and flies away. Private realizes that a duck's rear would be a "fowl end", which proves his and Rico's other friends' mistake. Rico's fortune came true after all, and then Julien gloats to him that he was right.