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Episode based

  • The Chinese food order is one order of general tso shrimp, one fried rice, one veggie chow mien and two kung pao scallops. It came to $35.84.
  • The zoo has a payphone.
  • People throw coins into the zoo Fountain.
  • The bag with the money is a "trail mix" bag.
  • The Chinese take out bag has an old Chinese building on it as a logo.
  • The animals use a toy robot gripping arm as a hand to haul the food.
  • A misfortune cookie is created with olive oil, butter, white sugar and Chet's tears.
  • Like Dory from Finding Nemo, King Julien calls Rico by various other names including Chico, Freako and Pico.
  • King Julien uses hair products.
  • Kowalski has a wombat brain in a jar that he has no use for.
  • King Julien has a special "curse breaking crown" that he uses to break curses. It has a tennis ball with a dead face drawn on it.
  • This is the first appearance of a rhino at the zoo. However, You can only see its feet.
  • This is the first appearance of a male duck.
  • Running Gag: King Julien keeps mispronouncing Rico's name. The other animals tell that it's Rico and King Julien says Rico instead of the mispronounced name that he said.
  • King Julien, Maurice, Mort and Marlene say Rico's name for the first time.
  • Antagonist(s): King Julien, Maurice and Mort (Zippo as main).

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

  • Continuity Error: After Marlene gets the coins out of the water, they change position in another shot, then they change position again in another shot.
  • Continuity Error: The animals are laying together after eating the chinese food. When Private gives Skipper the fortune cookie none is seen around them. Moments later Kowalski is sitting near Skipper and the lemurs are nowhere to be seen, but reappear when Skipper gets off the fountain. Rico and Marlene's position also varies through this scene. When Julien talks about the "misfortune cookie", Maurice and Mort disappear again and reappear moments later.

Behind the Scenes

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