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"We come to fight, we come to kill; Today you die, you surely will; We are the Morts, we are your doom; We are the Morts, we are the gloom; We are the Morts, we'll put you in your tomb!"
~The Morts' battle chant

The Mort Horde is a group of Morts who come from a different universe. They are led by Mort and were involved in a few military conflicts including the War of the Beasts.

The army was previously led by Morticus Khan, however, he was replaced by Mort after Mort defeated him and absorbed his essence. In "Out of the Foosa Pen and Into The Fire", it was revealed that the Mortverse had coffee but it was decaffeinated.

They currently reside on Monkey Island near the Island of Madagascar.


The Mort Horde wears red and yellow Chinese-style helmets with red feather upon them. Additionally, Morticus Khan is also armed with complete armour and a club.