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The Mountain Lemur Kingdom is a sovereign kingdom located far off the coasts of the island of Madagascar. The kingdom is inhabited mostly by mountain lemurs, led by the monarchs King Sage and Queen Clover.


The Old Kingdom

Not much is known of the history of the old kingdom, however, the Old Kingdom of Mountain Lemurs was located far away from the island of Madagascar.

Pre-Koto era

During the reign of the Mountain Lemur King, the father to the then Prince Sage, the kingdom was moved to a new area, on a deserted island. The new place was well fortified and situated in a sort of valley.

The kingdom has an army and is known to be protective of their kind, as they are endangered.

King Koto's era

After the death of the Mountain Lemur King, his successor, Prince Sage, was supposed to take the throne and rise as king, however, he rejected the crown and passed it down to his younger brother, Koto.

King Koto ruled with the big idea of expanding the kingdom's army, and he focused the kingdom's budget on their military while cutting their education and food budgets.

He then began a conquest to attack and raid as many kingdoms as possible. With the kingdom being close to the Kingdom of Madagascar, King Koto decided to conquer the kingdom, utilizing his well-trained army of mountain lemurs.

The conquest was one of the major causes of the War of the Beasts, as he took over the entire island and imprisoned all its inhabitants. He made the Kingdom of Madagascar the center of the kingdom and moved there due to the better infrastructure and accessibility, and he burnt down their old kingdom (not the Old Kingdom, but the island in which they were previously on).

King Julien XIII of the Kingdom of Madagascar, who was on exile, managed to fight off King Koto's forces after two long battles, where he killed Koto on the battlefield.

Sage later rose as King, and assumed the throne from his younger brother.

King Sage's era

After King Sage was crowned king of the Mountain Lemur Kingdom, he returns the occupied areas of the island of Madagascar to its respective rulers and relocates the kingdom back to the place of the Old Kingdom, where the mountain lemurs reestablish their lives and rebuild the kingdom.

King Sage later marries Clover of the Kingdom of Madagascar, who then leaves the Ringtail Guard and is made queen of the Mountain Lemur Kingdom.

The kingdom strove once more under the reign of King Sage and Queen Clover, restoring many of their old traditions and cultures which went missing during Koto's years as king.

Kingdom Culture

Mountain lemurs are known to bond with hawks, and keep them as friends. They believe that to bond with a hawk, they must witness its birth.