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Miss Perky is a Barbie-esque doll that Rico owns and appears to be "in love" with. In Penguiner Takes All, Julien wins the doll and names it "Carlotta" instead. (In Whispers and Coups, Julien dreams of the doll cuddling his feet when Mort cuddles them.) In What Goes Around, a girl loses an identical doll, Princess Pony Princess, who eats glitter and was lost in the sewers. The penguins get Rico to give up his doll, which looks exactly the same, to make the girl happy. Later, when Officer X is chasing the penguins, the girl's doll was found blocking the pipe and hits X and water comes down on him. While X is arrested, Rico keeps Princess Pony Princess (now technically Miss Perky) and the girl keeps Miss Perky (now technically Princess Pony Princess).

Rico is seen painting his doll in Out of the Groove. He often brushes her hair while singing softly to her. It is uncertain, due to the cost of animating hair realistically, whether Miss Perky's hair is solid or made of fibers, but Rico doesn't seem to care.

The doll was given her name and temporarily a voice in the second season episode Hello, Dollface. By the end of the episode her voice-chip was removed, but has spoken since in the adverts for her toys such as Marble Jarhead.


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