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Nana is a major antagonist in the Madagascar franchise, serving as a minor antagonist in Madagascar, the central antagonist of A Christmas Caper and one of the two main antagonists (alongside Makunga) of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.


In the first film, Nana has a cameo role. She is an elderly, Russian human female who encounters Alex in Grand Central Station, where she assaults him and hits him, sprays him, throws him, slaps him, kicks him and calls him a "bad kitty."

When Alex was trying to reason with the police office in Grand Central, Nana sneaks behind him and kicks him in between the legs, only to be pulled away by some officers.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

She has a larger role in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa as she is the secondary antagonist. She becomes the leader of an army of tourists left stranded by the penguins' schemes. She gets into another fight with Alex, and wins again, although Alex puts up much more of a fight this time. Later on, she attacks Alex and his father Zuba with a hunting rifle during the Super Plane's approach, but unintentionally struck Skipper's doll instead. Out of ammunition, she abandons the rifle and swings her handbag in an attempt to kill Alex and Zuba, though the barrel struck the dam she is standing on, allowing the lions to trap her in the dam. When the two lions return safely, Alex gives Makunga her handbag before dumping her out of the barrel. Enraged, she ignores the lions around her and viciously attacks him before dragging him away. With him removed from power, Alex and Zuba assume leadership of the preserve.


Nana holds intense hatred to lions, often evident when she attacks Alex and Makunga, as well as her attempts to kill Alex and Zuba with firearms, although this only seems to be because she assumes they are attacking her first and acts out of defense, even though she sometimes takes her defense beyond the necessary.

She is more friendly to other people in most cases, and very grandmotherly, unless they get in her way.

A Christmas Caper

Nana also appears in the short film as the woman who buys Private, thinking he was a toy. She then watches an English football game while Mr. Chew battles the penguins.


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