The North Wind is an Arctic elite undercover interspecies task force dedicated to helping animals that can't help themselves.


The main North Wind Strike Team is led by a wolf known as Classified. Their other members are Eva, a computer expert, Corporal, the team's muscles and a sucker for cute penguins, and Short Fuse, an demolitions expert.

There appears to be many other soldiers which are made up of many unnamed snowy owls, wolves and polar bears.

North Wind Headquarters

  • The North Wind's base of operations. Its location is near the Arctic Circle off the coast of Canada. The Headquarters is camouflaged as an iceberg. 


  • Self-guided Underwater Nano-charges AKA "Wet Ka-booms"
  • Personal hover-tank
  • Auto-targeting Wingmounts
  • North Wind Jet
  • Jet-packs
  • Battle armor


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