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The North Wind is an elite undercover interspecies furry task force dedicated to helping animals that can't help themselves.


The main North Wind Strike Team is led by a wolfman known as Classified. Their other members are Eva, a computer expert, Corporal, the team's muscles and a sucker for cute penguins, and Short Fuse, a demolitions expert.

There appears to be many other soldiers which are made up of many unnamed snowy owls, harp seals, wolves and polar bears.

North Wind Headquarters

  • The North Wind's base of operations. Its location is near the Arctic Circle off the coast of Canada. The Headquarters is inside a iceberg. 


  • Self-guided Underwater Nano-charges AKA "Wet Ka-booms": Explosives Used to break into Dave's Submarine. The components may be made of sodium or caesium.
  • Personal hover-tank: Combat vehicle used by Short Fuse
  • Auto-targeting Wingmounts: Worn by Eva
  • North Wind Jet: The North Wind's Vertical Takeoff and Landing(VTOL) aircraft
  • Jet-packs
  • Battle armor: Battle armor worn by the North Wind when they were charging into Dave's Submarine
  • Giant Mech-suit: Seen in the back of the North Wind's Hanger. May also be Cyber infantry for backup.