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In the episode Love Hurts, Shawna was an intern working for the zoo. After Private crashed during a hand gliding accident he was sent to see Shauna at the zoo's infirmary. For Private, it was love at first sight, so much so he didn't want to leave. He got into several more accidents so he could be cared for by Shawna. In the end, Private was forced to save his friends from a quarantine issued by Shauna, due to a misunderstand that led her to believe the other penguins had "Avian Insanity Fever".


Shawna is a caring individual, which should be no surprise given her occupation. She loves all sorts of animals, especially small ones like Private. While she doesn't share Private's infatuation with her, and is honestly rather oblivious to it, she still deeply cares for him.


Shawna is a beautiful young nurse, and wears her hair tied in a ponytail. She has emerald green eyes with light brown eyeshadow, and wears ruby red lipstick. She wears a white labcoat, a pastel yellow button-up shirt, green studded earrings and jeans when on duty. When dealing with patients who are seriously ill, she dons a surgical mask and a pair of blue latex gloves.