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The first part of O Captain My Captain.

Julien is missing and mangoes are in short supply. Village life couldn't get any crazier... that is, until Julien's royally annoying parents arrive.


Pineapple explains that Julien is now lost, with the group frantically searching for him, and that Ted had lost his favorite sock.

In the sea, Clover ventures out and finds the Mega Gecko Recorder.

In the kingdom, the lemurs are hoarding mangoes, since without their king to pick the first mango and give it a royal blessing, Gladys, the goddess of fruits and grains will smite the land with 100 years of hunger and sadness. Maurice thinks they don't need the harvest, since they have plenty of mangoes left. However, Hector tells him they are out of mangoes except the ones he ships out to a faraway island every month. Clover arrives and interrupts Maurice, saying she found the recorder. Maurice shouts to Hector to cancel the shipment this month.

On the plane, Timo, Clover, Mort, and Maurice, listen to the Mega Gecko Recorder. On the recorder, Julien is singing and having "deep wisdom" thoughts, when he realizes there is an ejection button and pushes it. Knowing that Julien is alive, Timo triangulates Julien's position on the map. Clover says she and Mort will set sail on the S.S. Peepee Pants to find him.

Julien wakes up inside a net, on a ship. Below him, the pirates fight each other, until their captain announces it is "trophy time". Julien is optimistic as each pirate gets a trophy, until one is handed an anchor. He is tied to it and thrown overboard. Julien is horrified. The pirates release him onto the ship, as the captain, Ethan, explains who they are. Julien then jumps off the boat to get away, scared for his life. Ethan sends his men after him.

In the kingdom, Clover packs her bags and prepares to leave. She asks Maurice what he plans to do about the mango shortage, and Maurice says they should be fine just this once. Clover smacks him, telling him he knows better than to anger Gladys. Suddenly, they are interrupted by a gathering in the center of the village.

Clover and Maurice push to the front of the crowd to see Julien's parents, Barty and Julienne. The two are disgusted by all the "dirty normal lemurs".

In the plane, Maurice and Clover bring the royals to the throne room. After at first ignoring them, Barty complains about their mango allowance not arriving. Maurice asks them if the mangoes really do go to them, to which Barty replies that he could not be referring to any other unfortunate situation except this. Clover points out that their son is missing, and the two ask where he is, they even forget his name. Maurice says he is missing. The pair ignore them, and ask where their mangoes are. Clover is angry they are ignoring their own son, and screams to Maurice to tell them that they have no mangoes left so they will leave. Maurice tells them this, and asks for their help.

In the Cove of Wonders, citizens are fighting over a mango as Clover and Mort set sail on the S.S. Peepee Pants. Maurice calls for the attention of the citizens, who stop fighting. He announces that Barty and Julienne will be blessing the first mango. Upon Julien's return, they will get their allowance and can return to their private island.

In the ship's prison, while Julien is sleeping, he finds out that Sage is with him. They are then tasked by the crocodile to do manual labor. Julien does not want to do the labor and is worrying about his kingdom. He decides to work with Sage to take control of the ship.

In the ship's dinning area, Sage and Julien are serving the crew food. Captain Ethan comments on Sage's good cooking, while Julien attempts to take the key from the crocodile but fails because of his sea sickness.

In Julien's hut, Maurice lets Julien's parents settle in and tells them to get some rest for tomorrow's harvest. Once he exits, Julienne rings a bell calling him back, and tells him his response time is too slow.

On the S.S. Peepee Pants, Clover is sailing and comments that they should be entering the blast radius by morning.

Back in the ship's prison, Julien plans to teach the crocodile how to hug so that Sage can get the key, but Sage decides to just hug Julien instead. This forces Julien to grab the key himself while Sage and the crocodile are both hugging him.

Back in the kingdom, Maurice tries to go to sleep, but Julienne keeps ringing the bell, making him do different tasks throughout the night and into the morning.

On the ship, Julien and Sage escape the cell and get onto the deck. The two spot Simon guarding the captain's room. Julien decides to get past him by moving his eye patch to his other eye, thus making him blind. Upon entering the captain's room, Julien spots Ethan in a chair staring at him. Julien thinks he been caught, but he realizes that Ethan is sleeping with his eyes open.

On the S.S. Peepee Pants, Clover gets into an argument with Mort because he has stolen control of the ship and is now going the wrong way. The two fight over the steering wheel, but it ends up falling off and creating a hole on the ship. Clover at first attempts to cover the holes with her body, but there are too many. Mort does little to help.

On the ship, Lil' Arms is practicing his hugging skills but discovers the prisoners missing. The pirate crew panic, trying to find the captain, only to discover Julien is taking over the ship and has Ethan captured. Julien calls for Sage, but finds him tied up. Julien questions how the crocodile could tie him up. Sage responds that he did it himself so he can protest and help end violence everywhere. Julien complains that Sage is so unhelpful. Ethan escapes from his ropes, and says for Julien to takeover as captain, he has to fight him. To make it a fair fight, he orders one of the crew members to give him a weapon. Lil' Arms gives him a broom. The two fight, but Ethan wins and Julien ends up on the plank.

On the S.S. Peepee Pants, Clover contemplates how her life is going to end on a sinking toilet with Mort clinging to her.

In the kingdom, Julienne complains about having to pick the first mango, but Maurice retorts that this is part of their deal if they want their mangoes. Julienne slaps the mango down, and when she goes to take a bite, it tastes awful to her. The mango smashes to the ground and the lemurs panic, saying it's a bad harvest.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger with the kingdom in a panic, Clover and Mort on a sinking ship, and Julien forced to walk the plank to a watery grave, but at least Ted found his favorite sock.


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