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The penguins try to do good deeds around the zoo.


After the penguins witness a boy returning a dropped dollar to a man and calling it his "good deed for the day," Skipper decides that the team will seek to increase the frequency of their own good deeds. After two attempts at assisting zoo visitors, the penguins seek Marlene's assistance and ultimately fulfill their good deed with her by cleaning up the leaves they had inadvertently caused to fall from Marlene's tree. However, their good deed is offset when Rico flings away the leaves inside a bucket and the object accidentally hits Mason, injuring his back. To remedy the new situation, the penguins must first satisfy Julien's request in order to arrange for Maurice to massage Mason, with effectuating Julien's desire creating the need to satisfy numerous other favors, and later having to speedily deliver the pizzas of a knocked-out pizza delivery boy.