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Kowalski attempts to use his new invention to find Marlene's ideal hook-up.


Kowalski wanted to test his new invention, the Luv-u-Lator. They needed a guinea pig and Marlene was the closest species. The Luv-u-Lator reveals Marlene's ideal match according to science lives in the park. When the Penguins slide by the Lemurs habitat, King Julien overhears Private saying that they were going to meet Marlene's new boyfriend. The penguins search for Marlene's ideal match and they find a box Fred the squirrel in a box he is rummaging through.

The penguins thought Kowalski's invention didn't work properly, as they believed literal Fred couldn't be the perfect match for Marlene. However. Marlene actually likes Fred and hopes he can play Spanish guitar. Julien develops a sudden interest in Marlene and tries to "win her paw" by bamboo stick dueling with Fred in the reptile house. Fred does not understand the what King Julien is doing and comments that he likes King Julien's use of the reptile house for mood. When Julien attempts to explain what they are doing he repeatedly hurts himself. Fred bends down and accidentally hits Julien with his bamboo stick. Fred apologizes but Julien, in a winded voice, tells him that is what he is supposed to do.

When the Penguins hear Julien screaming in pain they rush to the Reptile House. They arrive to find Fred standing calmly with his stick over Julien. Julien is twisted grotesquely in like a pretzel. Shocked, Skipper demands, "What did you do to him, man?". Fred looks cluelessly at Skipper and says, "Oh, him? He did it to himself." From the ground, Julien groans, "Sadly, this is true." King Julien has many dislocated bones and needs to be carried away by Mort and Maurice. However, before leaving Julien indirectly calls Marlene ugly and upsets her. Marlene asks Fred to show her the town and begins to wonder if he's really joking or not.

Later, Marlene comes to the realization that Fred hasn't been joking and actually is unintelligent. To top it all of she finds he also can't play the Spanish guitar. It's shown the feeling is mutual as Fred explains to his friend Antonio what happened. Antonio, who refers to himself as 'the Otter Bachelor of Central Park' asks him what happened. Fred tells him that "I met this girl, but she kept laughing at me."

Antonio ends the episode by playing his Spanish Guitar.