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King Julien and his army plan to trap Koto; Mort must get his army to the lemur kingdom to help King Julien; Clover agrees to marry Koto. Maurice is absent and only appears in the theme song.


Koto is beginning the wedding games, as the gladiators march through towards him. Karl asks Ted for a situation report, and Ted replies that the scene looks nasty. Once the gladiators are lined up. Julien recalls earlier that day, when Julien, his uncle, Karl, Ted, and Mary Ann discussed their plan. They plan to lure Koto to a hut loaded with explosives by capturing Princess Amy. They will then blow him up.

In a cell underground, Clover is angry that she and sage are captured and running out of time. She asks Sage for his ideas for an escape plan. He tells her his soul will exit his body to grab the key when he meditates. Clover is not pleased with this suggestion and screams that she will try anything but that.

With Mort, he, Timo, and Mom-Bot's head struggle to fix the portal to get back. Timo asks the other Morts if they have coffee, as Smart Mort would be incredibly useful right now. The Morts only have decaffeinated coffee. Timo then gets an idea to hypnotize Mort and send him deep inside his own mind to pull Smart Mort out.

Julien and Karl join the others. They split up to accomplish their plan. Julien and Ted watch as Princess Amy fires her wedding coordinator. Ted enters her hut to pose as a new wedding coordinator. When Amy tells him of her troubles of being misunderstood, Ted grabs her with a net. However, she gets him off of her. Just as she is about to snap at him, Julien knocks her out from behind. Ted prepares to write the note to lure Koto to her hut.

Meanwhile, Karl gathers the interns to help fight Koto. He tells them that once they hear the explosion, they must rise up and help fight the mountain lemurs.

Ted tells Amy, now awake, of their plan to lure Koto to her hut and blow it up. She asks him why he did not tie her mouth, and bites off her binds. She angrily chases Ted.

Clover, in her cell, tries to pull at the bars. She notices Sage meditating and snaps him out of it, telling him they must now save themselves. Koto arrives to ask the pair if they have a request as to how they are executed. Sage anwsers the question, but Clover squeezes his hand and asks why he will so easily give up. He tells her their quest failed, as he will always be passive and she will always be assertive. Clover tells him she will save them, and starts to seduce Koto, as it is the only way to get his attention. She trails her fingers along his arm and asks if she may still be a good queen. Just then, Benson arrives with a note that reads "Dear King Koto, I need you in my hut right now." Koto says this sounds like a trap, and that it will help to have a hostage. He offers Clover a walk together. She accepts, and turns to Sage and motions for him to attack the guards. He does not understand her signals and lets her slip away with the guards. He calls for her desperately as she leaves.

In the Mortverse, Timo hypnotizes Mort through Mom-Bot. Inside his mind, Mort wanders along a corridor to find many versions of himself doing strange things. Eventually they spot him and chase after him.

With Julien, he and Karl lie in wait for Koto. He arrives, but just as they are about to blow the trap, Julien notices Clover with him. He rips apart the explosive device and claims he will not hurt his friend. Karl is angry. When the two return to Ted, they find him tied up without Amy. Julien says he will sacrifice himself, and take on Koto man versus man.

In Mort's mind, he runs into a room after hearing Smart Mort's voice. However, when he gets there, he finds him tied up. Just then, his grandmother appears, telling him she will escape and take over his body. She locks Mort in the room with Smart Mort.

In the kingdom, Clover sits with Koto as the statue is finished. Koto tells her that one day, the kingdom will be half hers. He then explains that after he marries Amy and his alliance with the crocodile kingdom is secure, she will have an "accident". Then he is free to marry Clover. Clover pretends to be touched, but then tries to slam a sharpened stick into his chest. He twists her arm back, as she screams that she will never marry him. He tells her if she does, he may be convinced to exile Julien and the others to "somewhere safe", but only if she marries him. Clover thinks for a minute before being forced to agree.

Mort is trapped in a room inside his mind. Smart Mort tells him to use his mind to think himself free, and Mort imagines an unlocked door. As it opens, his grandmother comes in with a weapon. Mort imagines the weapon is a sandwich, and the weapon turns into a sandwich. Granny Mort resorts to hand to hand combat. They wrestle until Mort is cornered. He vomits, changing the scene to a windy grassy field. His grandmother jumps up and punches him, and then slams him hard on the ground. Just as she is about to finish him off by landing her fist in him from above, Mort rolls out of the way and imagines a wishing well. She falls into it, and is now trapped. Smart Mort appears to congratulate Mort, and leaves his mind. He helps Timo rebuild the portal.

In a line of foosa, the foosa suit rustles with Julien and Karl inside. As Koto comes down to check the foosa, Julien prepares to shoot him with Karl's laser gun. However, Amy arrives and busts Ted for kidnapping her, and Uncle King Julien is taken too. Julien suddenly decides to jump out and fire the gun. However, he misses and hits a tree. Now exposed, Julien, and Karl, are also captured by Koto and his guards. Koto welcomes his former friend home, and Julien faces his new fate.



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