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Darla "steals" King Julien's dance for what he's done and he enlists the help of the penguins to get it back.


The penguins are all enjoying their favorite hobbies on a lazy Saturday morning when King Julien bursts in and explains that his "groove" is gone. He explains that the baboons in the next habitat over stole all the humans because they were good at dancing. He dropped a crate of skunks in their habitat in order to sabotage them and get the humans back to his habitat. Darla, the lead baboon, accuses Julien of this and through some "backwoods magic", she puts his "groove" into a jar so he will never dance again. King Julien tries to dance and can't, so he goes to the penguins for help.

They first try negotiating with Darla, who only wants an apology but Julien is so stuck up that he won't do this so they try plan B, which is stealing the "groove jar". Kowalski develops a long and drawn out plan to steal the jar using Rico as a spy. He would go in disguise and until he completely had their trust, Rico would signal for the others at night and they would come in planes. Private interrupts and asks Kowalski if they could just take the jar, as he did. As Julien runs for the jar, the baboons catch them and shoot bananas at King Julien who trips and sends the jar flying back into the hands of Darla.

Skipper makes Rico throw up a monkey wrench which lands on Darla's foot making her send the jar flying. Maurice goes to catch it but Darla throws Mort at him to knock him over and intercepts the jar. Skipper steals it from her and throws it to Rico, who jumps over a wall and lands on Roy's horn, making him throw it in the air again. Darla takes it but Kowalski finds a snack machine and quickly buys a bag of candy, opens it and throws it in the path of the baboons making them slide around. The bottle gets airborne yet again and before anyone can catch it, it breaks and releases the contents onto Skipper.

Skipper then starts to dance uncontrollably but King Julien still refuses to apologize so Skipper uses his new found dance skills to beat him into submission. King Julien finally apologizes to the baboons and they switch the groove back to King Julien. When Skipper wonders aloud why he was dancing involuntarily, Private suggests that Darla's magic does exist, but Kowalski replies that science claims there is nothing such as magic. Private then suggests that Skipper has a secret dance talent. The episode ends with Skipper saying "Magic's real. Case closed". Kowalski tries to protest, but Skipper's repeat of "Case closed." makes the subject's closure so clear that Kowalski gives up.