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The penguins show Mason how much he and Phil need each other.



Phil the chimpanzee is starting to get on Mason's nerves because he is a very dirty animal and leaves trash everywhere. Mason is very clean and tries to keep everything tidy and neat but Phil keeps messing things up.

Mason is having tea with Private when the gorillas lose their ball in their habitat. When Private throws it back, the gorillas call him for their team and then argue about who gets the chimpanzees. Something is mentioned about Phil thinking that Mason stinks. Mason finally freaks out and says it is Phil that is the one who stinks and vows to not clean up after him anymore and ends his friendship, much to Phil's dismay and Private's distress.

The penguins are busy eating when they notice that Mason has joined them. The penguins privately analyze everything and decide that maybe Mason needs to stay with them for a while to cool off. Mason is quite excited because it is cleaning day and decides he wants to live in the penguins habitat permanently. The penguins try to get Mason and Phil back together but Phil is being stubborn. Angered by this, Mason leaves Phil once again, much to Private's dismay.

Private has a therapy session for the two chimps and during the role playing session, King Julien comes in and does imitations of them. Mason still wants to live with the penguins and tries to prove his worth by cleaning things, but is too slow, because the penguins get it all before he is able to. He begins by planting garbage in order to clean it. The penguins catch him in the act and believe that they have a problem with new roommate.

Meanwhile, there is a party going on at Phil's among all the trash. The trash piles get too tall and topple over and all of the party guests are trapped, drowning in the waste. Mason goes back to the chimp habitat and rescues Phil from the trash and then starts furiously cleaning the area. Once everything is clean again, both Phil and Mason are having tea with Private and Phil seems to have turned into a clean gentleman... Or not.