Penguin Car

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The Penguin Car, named "Vroom-Vroom", is a Remote Control hot rod themed toy car with flame throwers on it. The penguins practice driving with it. Rico loves it.

it started out as a RC Pink toy car with flowers over it. Until In Little Zoo Coupe, the penguins spruced it up but lost it to King Julien in a race due to Phil throwing a banana peel at them, but recovered it as he was flung off of it.

Rico put his doll, Ms. Perky in the car in Happy King Julien Day! as a gift, and also in Popcorn Panic.

In various episodes, when the penguins have to get to some place quickly, they often use their car to drive through the streets of Manhattan (which no one notices them or doesn't question their appearance on the streets)


Nick Racers Revolution 3D

The Penguins' Car makes an appearance in Nick Racers Revolution 3D and is given a minor name: Toy Buggy.


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