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All: Penguin, penguin make a wish-y:
Something scaly, cold and squishy;
How's about a tasty fishy?
What kind do you eat?

Skipper: Catfish! (throws at Kowalski)
Kowalski: Ow!
Private: Albacore! (throws at Rico)
Rico: Wowch!
Kowalski: Snapper! (throws at Skipper)
Skipper: Ugh!
Rico: FISH!!! (regurgitates a fish at Private)
Private: Ook!

All: And don't forget the grenade!

Rico: Weaugh!

(Rico regurgitates a grenade to Private. Private catches it.)

Private: Aaah!

(Private throws the grenade into a hole and the grenade explodes.)

Skipper: And that settles that. Private, you're on aerial recon duty.
Private: What? Alone? All night?


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