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"It is I, Pineapple."
~Pineapple [source]

Pineapple is a character from All Hail King Julien. He supposedly resides in "Frank-ri-la" and is a close friend of King Julien.


In Pineapple Of My Eye, Masikura needs a break, but King Julien needs counsel to make good decisions. As a solution, Masikura grabs a pineapple, and tells the king it contains all the knowledge of the previous King Juliens. Masikura then leaves. King Julien names the pineapple Piney, and keeps Piney close for the rest of the day. Later, when his friends are in danger, Julien chooses to sacrifice himself (temporarily) instead of the pineapple, to save them.

In True Bromance, after King Julien broke his friendship with Maurice, Pineapple helped the king. Thanks to him, Julien realized he must tell his best friend the truth about his feelings.

In Eye of the Clover, Clover meets Pineapple for the first time after she's been knocked out. He explains where she is and he reveals her Grandma Rose's spirit. She talks to her, and encourages her to push past her grief and finish the tournament. Pineapple says he was betting good money on Clover's fight and some zucchinis are threatening to beat him up if he loses.