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When Julien is fooled into believing that a "divine pineapple" contains the wisdom of former kings, a jealous Mort tries to get rid of it.


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King Julien begs to Masikura to not go on holiday, but Masikura says it is just a vacation, and wonders why he's worrying since he always made easy decisions before, without her psychic tongue for guidance. Julien remembers some decisions he made that ended in disasters. Masikura, hearing about the disasters, comes up with an idea of giving Julien a pineapple that she claims has all the wisdom of the previous kings. Julien question if this is true, but he shrugs it off jokingly. Masikura leaves for her vacation and Julien plans to use the souls of his ancestors to be the best king he can be.

Julien walks around the kingdom, giving advice to various lemurs by listening to the pineapple. At night, Clover and Maurice come into the throne room asking why Julien wanted them up. Julien shows them his pineapple as his new royal advisor and ask to swear loyalty to it and protect it. Clover won't do it, but Maurice convinces her that Julien will get bored of it and forget about it in a few days. Clover promises that she'll protect the pineapple and leaves. After that's over Julien says it time to show his people the pineapple that will decide their fate.

King Julien declares pineapple is his “worthy companion” and “soulmate”, much to Mort's jealousy. Mort decides to steal it in response.

That night, Julien goes to the bed along with the pineapple, as Clover finishes her “security system” for the pineapple (a warning poster) and leaves. Once Clover is gone, Julien falls asleep and Mort steals the pineapple. The next morning, Julien wakes up and to his horror, he learns that his pineapple was kidnapped. He screams so hard that Maurice and Clover arrive and are dumbfounded that someone stole the fruit. Clover leaves to find it, while Maurice comforts Julien with fruits, but Julien refuses, saying he can't eat Pineapple's relatives.

Meanwhile, Clover investigates. As she continues, Mort is in his stump and abusively confronts Pineapple for taking his king away from him. Clover appears and Mort quickly hides it, before she finds out. Clover tells Mort that Julien is heartbroken because of Piney's disappearance. Clover gives Mort fliers and leaves. Once Clover's gone, Mort realizes what he has done, decides to return the pineapple before King Julien finds out.

King Julien, Maurice and Clover find Mort with Pineapple and Julien thinks he stole it and gets enraged. As they chase after Mort, they ended up on the cliff, where there are bombs in the bottom. As they hold each other, Julien sacrifices himself and throws Pineapple towards his friends and falls to his death as the bombs explode, killing him?...

Julien awakens in white and silent void and on the bench. When he questions, Pineapple appears and Julien is surprised. Pineapple starts to speak and tells Julien that he is in Frank-ri-la, the place where the animals died or passed away. Julien starts to celebrate and asks if there's dance in here, but Pineapple says only one time in week, after bingo. Upset by this, Julien decides to leave and disappears, to Pineapple's relief.

Julien's allies mourn his dead body, until to their joy, he wakes up and is revived from death. The episode concludes with Julien saying to his friends that he is been in Frank-ri-La.

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